Bella Ramsey Reveals They Are Not Just A Eurovision Superfan But A Jedward Fan As Well

If you could guess who’s been an inspiration to Bella Ramsey, who would you guess? You’d might say their co-star in ‘The Last Of Us’, Pedro Pascal, or maybe some of the people they had worked with in ‘Game Of Thrones’, or ‘Catherine Called Birdy’. But would you say Jedward?

Bella, who had been asked by the BBC to give their thoughts on Eurovision, revealed that they are a long time fan of the contest, and provided some very witty and quite succinct responses to the derision ESC stalwarts are often met with. When asked, “what is the point of it”, Ramsey said, “unbridled joy, deep happiness, and meeting your co-workers the next day and telling them why you preferred Finland to Sweden…it’s education. That is the point”. And when presented with “Eurovision isn’t a serious competition”, Ramsey felt the question wasn’t deserving of an answer (quite rightly too). But it wasn’t until the end that Bella revealed their true Eurovision fave. The actor burst into an off-the-cuff rendition of Jedward’s 2011 Eurovision classic, ‘Lipstick’. Without context it might have seemed an odd thing to do, but Bella revealed in their caption,

Eurovision is one of the greatest things to ever exist. Jedward a close second. So when Jedward performed at Eurovision TWICE I lost my tiny mind. Anyway. Enjoy this. Also I saw Jedward live on the actual day of my 10th birthday, just saying.

Jedward were clearly touched by this, sharing it on their social media, and replying on both Bella’s personal Instagram and that of BBC Eurovision – the latter of which elicited the following:

It all makes sense that Jedward have impacted Bella’s life. The actor has a great sense of humour, wit, and a quirky personality, and they would easily relate to Jedward, who share the same qualities.

Now given that they follow each other on Instagram, all that remains is a grand reunion. If Bella is at the Eurovision this week – and what hardcore fan wouldn’t be if the contest was in their own country – then they might be able to make it happen!

Jedward are performing twice in Liverpool during the contest, the first, tomorrow night 11 May at Euroclub, hosted this year by Camp and Furnace. The second performance wil be on Saturday, 13 May, where they will take part in The Grand Final Party on the Pier Head, joining the likes of Vengaboys, Claire Richards, Katrina (formerly of Katrina and the Waves), Brooke, Dross, and Danielle Moore.

The second semi final for the Eurovision Song Contest is tomorrow night, 11 May. The final will be on 13 May.

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