US band The Refusers Have Got Something To Say And They’re Keen To Challenge The Mainstream Media With New Single, ‘Eat The Bugs’

Last week, The Refusers dropped their latest song called ‘Eat The Bugs’, a punk infused song that parodies the ideologies recently put forward by the World Economic Forum revolving around the consumption of bugs to further the food chain. This is a well-trodden path for the Seattle based rock band who are not shy about taking shots at the establishment with their slick but crunchy style.

Lead singer Michael Belkin is joined by Grammy winning drummer Brendan Hill, Eric Robert on keys, Joe Doria on Hammond organ and Steve Newton on bass and backing vocals. They have opened for The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Joan Jett, X, Jane’s Addiction, Black Crowes, Alabama Shakes and The Flaming Lips to mention a few and released their third album ‘Freedom Fighter’ this Summer. They place themselves firmly in the corner of anyone fighting racism, police brutality, a broken healthcare system, big pharma, propaganda and the lies of the mainstream media designed to keep the sheep-like blindly grazing. 

So, it’s no surprise that this latest single doesn’t pull any punches in response to the WEF theories and suggestions. The potently distorted riffs, the addictively infectious vocal melodies and the thrash induced punk style is perfectly matched to the spiky narrative. Belkin belts out the lyrics about Klaus Schwab’s claims of clean green protein and the idea that maggots and mealworms might be the food of the future. His repeated refrain of ‘Eat the bugs’ set against the catchy rock melody soon has you joining his chant although the video might have you feeling just a shade itchy. 

The band have a large following of fans who will be enjoying this new mainstream challenging track as much as their past offerings which have set the band up as musical crusaders. Belkin has been described as “a courageous musician who proves he’s not afraid to speak his fiery truth” and this current single will not disappoint the throng of fans waiting on the protestations of this Wall Street worker turned Indie rocker. 

The Refusers album is said to embody the spirit of freedom from oppression and this new release has that same raw defiance. If sometimes you feel that the establishment’s goals seem a little skew, then you will want to check out this new song and the music that has come before and it might just be the time for you to become a Refuser. This band pride themselves on passing on messages of importance in a style that will interest and entertain and most rock fans will want to give the music a listen.

Stream ‘Eat The Bugs’ on Spotify, Reverbnation, and Soundcloud, and find out more about The Refusers online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

The Refusers “Eat the Bugs” - Official music video

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