Exclusive Premiere of Mitch Bradford’s ‘More Than Life’ Lyric Video

Singer/songwriter Mitch Bradford released his latest single, ‘More Than Life’ on May 31st of this year, and Essentially Pop has the exclusive premier of the lyric video! ‘More Than Life’ was the first release from Mitch’s forthcoming album, ‘Close’, set to be released August 12th.

When describing his latest single, Mitch had this to say,

“‘More Than Life’ is about the magic of radio. When you could turn to an FM station, hear something totally unexpected, a new song for the first time, and feel so good”.

With his Dylan-esque vocal delivery coupled with the bass, drums, guitar, and organ instrumentation backing him up; Mitch’s latest song definitely calls back to a time when radio was your passport to finding your new favourite songs. As blast-from-the-past sounding as ‘More Than Life’, and Mitch’s soon to be released album, ‘Close’ promises to be, the story behind the recording of the album is actually a very modern one. ‘Close’ is the first Country album that has ever been funded completely by cryptocurrency. Deciding that he didn’t want to wait for someone else to fund his project, Mitch took all the money he had earned from playing shows and invested that money in cryptocurrency. Once Mitch sold his stake in crypto, he had the money to make ‘Close’ the way he wanted to make it. If that story doesn’t scream 2022, I don’t know what does.
Here is the exclusive premier of Mitch’s ‘More Than Life’ lyric video. Happy listening y’all.

Stream ‘More Than Life’ HERE.

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Watch the lyric video for ‘More Than Life’ below.

"More Than Life" -- Mitch Bradford (Lyric Video)

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