Exclusive Premier of Liddy Clark’s New Single ‘Nothing Like New York’

Y’all remember Liddy Clark right?! She’s that incredible singer/songwriter born in Plano, Texas, and raised in Parkland Florida currently living out her dreams in L.A. Well, she’s releasing a new song called ‘Nothing Like New York’ and it’s both a departure and continuation from where we left off in her story.

Focusing more on love and relationships in this new song, Liddy explores a common theme found in modern pop/country music; finding yourself in a relationship where you’re falling out of love with the other person. Where Liddy’s songwriting shines through is the way in which she explains her main character’s current and emotional change of heart through comparing her partner to New York City. While comparing your partner or love life to a city is not uncommon in popular music, the emotional flip that Liddy puts on this song is quite refreshing.

In this new song, you can hear the love that Liddy’s main character has for this other person who no longer fits into her life, listing all of his amazing qualities in the verses. You also hear the love that she has for her new life, the new pace of things, and how she feels like she’s moving in a new direction. What I love about this comparison is there’s a sense of loss, and a sense of excitement and adventure. It’s not about losing someone, it’s a song about finding yourself, living your life, and finding out that sometimes that means growing apart from some people.

“I had the phrase “Nothing Like New York” as a potential title in my notes app for almost 2 years. Then, in my college songwriting class I was tasked with writing a song for a classmate at USC & I was finally able to map out the story I wanted for this song. The meaning behind the song is feeling guilty about how your relationship partner would do so much for you and you’re not sure you love them back the same amount. It’s probably my most upbeat breakup anthem!” – Liddy Clark

Check out the pre-release visualiser for ‘Nothing Like New York’ here. You can pre-save the ‘Nothing Like New York’ single here. Find out more about Liddy Clark and her music online on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Liddy Clark l “Nothing Like New York” (Official Visualizer)

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