Chris Too Far Releases Reimagined Cover Of Olivia Rodrigo Smash Hit, With ‘Driver’s License (One Year On)’

It’s only if you’ve been living under a rock that you’ll not have heard the song, ‘Driver’s License’, released by Olivia Rodrigo last year. The track was everywhere, and London based singer Chris Too Far certainly didn’t miss it. Rather than cover the song, he’s given it his own stamp, and re-imagined the track from the perspective of the boy in the song.

Originally from Yorkshire, Chris Too Far (we love that name!) came up with the idea for his new song one evening while driving home, and listening to the original. Hitting him like a bolt out of the blue, he set himself to the challenge of putting himself in another person’s shoes. With nuanced lyrics and a clear understanding of the deep hurt involved, ‘Driver’s License (One Year On)’, captures all the loss and heartbreak of the original, released exactly a year ago.

The boy in the song wistfully thinks back to the events of the past year, the mistakes he’s made, and the peer pressure he was subjected to. There’s all the pathos – and then some – of Rodrigo’s original, with Chris Too Far’s vocals matching her raspiness, but adding, somehow, even more sadness and regret; this is sung from the point of view of someone who’s clearly been through a similar experience.

Chris Too Far’s style takes a wild ride from acoustic balladry, to up-tempo, tropical pop, and his anthemic songs should definitely have wide ranging appeal.

A gifted storyteller, Chris Too Far started out writing songs for other artists, and performed on radio shows across the country as a teenager. He now divides his time between California and the UK, recording and bringing his own songs to life.

‘Driver’s License (One Year On)’, is available to stream and download here. You can find out more about Chris Too Far and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSpotify, and Apple Music.

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