Callie Twisselman Drops New EP ‘Closure’, And Has Her Music Featured In A Netflix Series.

Growing up on a seventh-generation family-owned grain and cattle ranch in California, singer/songwriter Callie Twisselman’s roots are about as country as it gets, and she had her sights set on being an entertainer well before she even picked up a guitar. After long days helping her family on the farm, this young would-be country singer started off performing at local rodeos calf roping, and horseback riding for the crowds or watching her mother get up and perform in a local touring country music band. Through watching her mom, Callie fell in love with country music greats like Dolly Parton and George Strait. However, it wasn’t until she sang the national anthem at a county fair, opening up for Bonnie Raitt, that she knew that she was going to be trading those spurs in for a 6 string and a microphone.

Fast forward to today, and Callie has not only managed to release her first EP, already gaining over half a million streams on Spotify; she also has a song called ‘Together’, featured in the latest Netflix release ‘My Little Pony: A New Generation’. I had the opportunity to chat with Callie about her new EP, her journey so far, and her incredible debut in the world of Country Music.

What was it like growing up on a working ranch, and do you feel your childhood gave you a deeper connection to the Country music genre?

Growing up on a ranch, I learned hard work and patience. It was a great upbringing that taught me a lot and is what keeps me humble. Living in the country and being brought up in that lifestyle definitely made me have a deeper connection to the Country music genre.

Do you remember the name of your Mom’s band, and did you ever get up and perform with them when you were younger?

My mom was in a few different bands but I do remember one of the band’s names was “Lonestar.” I got to get on stage with them and play the tambourine a few times but I didn’t really perform, I was just a youngster.

Do you remember singing the national anthem at that fair, opening for Bonnie Raitt? What was that feeling like?

When I got to open for Bonnie Raitt singing the National Anthem, it was such an incredible feeling. I remember at that time I was 10 years old and all I wanted to do was sing but didn’t know how to go about it. So my sister and I came up with this idea, why don’t I try out and see if I can sing the Anthem in front of a crowd. When I found out I was chosen it was like a dream come true. I was so nervous but so happy, and that’s when I found out my love for the stage and performing.

What’s your songwriting process like? Is it the same process each time you sit down to write?

The songwriting process isn’t always the same for me, it kind of just happens and flows out naturally. Sometimes I have an idea I want to write about and then I’ll find a melody on the guitar that fits the sound and story I’m going for. Other times I’ll just be playing the guitar and find a melody first and then write words to it that are on my mind. I find that if a song is meant to be written, it will. It’s never something I try to force.

Were you a fan of ‘My Little Pony’ growing up?

I was definitely a ‘My Little Pony’ fan growing up! I remember I’d watch all of their shows.

Can you describe how you felt the day you found out your song was going to be featured in a new Netflix series?

When I found out I was going to have a song on the new ‘My Little Pony’ Netflix film I was ecstatic! The little girl in me was jumping for joy! I’m so happy and blessed to be on this journey and am always amazed at where my music takes me! I hope when everyone hears “Together” it puts them in a good mood and that when they listen to the lyrics they feel the positivity behind them because that’s what the song is all about. Being better together just exudes positivity!

Can you take us through your EP ‘Closure’? What was the inspiration for the title and the songs you chose for this release?

‘Closure’ is a five track EP made up of songs that represent different chapters in my life. The title track was chosen not because of the meaning of the song but more of the meaning as a whole project. Sort of like this EP was ‘closure’ for me on all of those past chapters, so it seemed fitting as the title. You’ve got the track ‘Two Hands’ which is about a girl who can be a handful but her man loves her anyway, ‘Easy Boy’ and it’s a tale of new love, ‘Cowboy’ which portrays the Cowboy way of life but with a flirtatious love interest, and then ‘Closure’ and ‘Missing You’ which sort of tie together in a way. One is about needing closure in a relationship and the other where you’ve found that closure and even though you are no longer in the relationship you will always miss them and wish them well ‘Missing You’. So my love life over the past few years really sums up this EP lol.

When you are not writing, recording, or performing music; what do you like to do to unwind?

When I’m not working on my music I like to ride horses on my family’s ranch in California and just spend time with family and friends.

What’s something your fans might not know about you?

Something my fans might not know Is that I am a great baker! At one point I thought if music wasn’t an option then maybe I’d open a bakery.

If you could choose the legacy you want to leave in this world and describe it in one word, what would it be?

One word! That’s so tough! But it would be “Inspire”. I want to inspire people to do whatever they want to do in this life and inspire them to live life to its fullest and chase their dreams.

Finally, what do you want to say to your fans?

I want to say thank you! Thank you for listening to my music and giving me a chance to do what I love! Now go stream away! Haha!

Listen to Callie’s song ‘Together‘, her new EP ‘Closure‘, and follow her journey online on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her official website.

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