Exclusive First Listen Of R.I.Pablo’s Debut EP, ‘Bug Lyf’

A little while ago, I got to hear the latest single from R.I.Pablo, singer/writer/producer and member of the Manchester writing collective, The Six, known worldwide for developing some of the catchiest pop melodies around. It’s always exciting seeing creative people do what they do best, and in the case of R.I.Pablo I was looking forward to hearing what the follow up to “Sunday Morning Boy” would be (Read my review of R.I.Pablo’s “Sunday Morning Boy” here). With the release of his first EP Bug Lyf coming out September 29th, I had the pleasure of catching up with Pablo, chatting about the inspiration behind the EP, and got an exclusive listen to Bug Lyf that I’m now passing along to y’all.

Listen to the Bug Lyf EP here.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote? What was that experience like?

YES I DO.” 5,4 rocking rolla”. I was 6 and I performed it with my brothers at a local talent contest that WE WON! I don’t think I could quite comprehend what was happening, but definitely remember it being a buzz.

Did you grow up in Manchester? What was your connection with the city before The Six?

I didn’t and had no connection prior to The Six. But I fucking love it. It’s a place where you can really do your own thing, explore your sound and grow.

How did you get started writing with The Six?

Me and a few friends got scouted by Rick Boardman and then together we all formed the six.

Do you remember the first song that you co-wrote going big? What song was it, and what was that feeling like?

Yeah! I wrote on “back to you: for Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha. It really felt like we wrote something unique and special. I’m always chasing that feeling rather than the feeling I get hearing it on the radio, or seeing it in the charts. It means that when I write I have that specific high stored in my brain that I can aim for.

What was the tipping point for you in deciding to go out on your own and release your own songs?

I just found my own little pocket of sound and I didn’t want anyone else to have it.

Where does the title of the EP, ‘Bug Lyf’, come from?

It was an influential film for my childhood. Also “buggin out” started the whole journey so it was only right to name the EP after it!

Can you take me through the songs on your EP, what was it about these 4 songs and 1 remix that made you want to group them together for this EP?

They really feel part of the same family and they were written at a similar time. I feel like I had just re-discovered a part of me I hadn’t visited since I was a kid and this is what came out.

I love the vibe of ‘Bloom’ and the jazzy/bossa nova feel in that song. What inspired you to give it that kind of a feel?

I listened to a lot of Latin/Spanish music growing up which hugely influenced my writing. I was also massively obsessed with Austin Powers and I feel like bloom is a bit of an ode to that film. GROOVY BABY!

Can you take us through your songwriting process, and does that process change when you’re writing songs for yourself to release vs. writing songs for other artists to release?

I think I aim for complete artistic freedom when I write for myself. There’s no point otherwise. I also write lyrics/concepts I know no one else could sing about.

What do you want your fans to experience listening to ‘Bug Lyf’?

I’ve made this little universe for anyone who wants to join. I’ve really put myself out there for this EP. It’s for anyone who wants to escape for 20 minutes and for any other weird bugs out there who want to feel less alone and less weird.

What’s something your fans might not know about you, that you would want them to know (hidden talents, random guilty pleasure movies, etc)?

I’m really lame.

What’s your favourite colour and why?

Blue because the sky.

If you could choose the legacy you would want to leave in this world, and describe it in one word, what would it be?


After a show/late night writing session is your go-to a Pizza or Kebab?

Normally pizza, but if I was shitfaced I would go for a kebab.

Finally, what do you want to say to your fans?

If you’re out there and my music moved you in some way, please come say hi!

To keep up with R.I.Pablo and listen to his new EP Bug Lyf, click the links below:
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