Every Pure Intention Ends When The Good Times Start: John Grimes Of #Jedward Releases Exquisite Acoustic Cover Of #EdSheeran’s #BadHabits

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the ‘Bad Habits’ cover I’ve been waiting for has arrived! John Grimes, one half of Irish duo Jedward, has tonight released his acoustic guitar version of Ed Sheeran’s recent single – and it’s just awesome.

If there was ever an Ed Sheeran song that suited John’s considerable vocal range, it’s this one. There’s a lot for him to get his teeth into; falsetto, mid-range, and some slightly lower octave parts. We’ve said previously that the song feels like it might have originally been written with Justin Bieber in mind; but in John’s hands it is just as good, even better, than the original. He’s able to flesh out the tones, and he puts his whole heart and passion into both the vocal and instrumental delivery. John’s got a way about him, a gift, which ensures that any song he sings, whether it be one of his own compositions, or a cover, is automatically infused with his own life experiences and emotions. We come to the end of his performance, and we wonder who he’s thinking about as he sings.


I stress this every time, but it has to be said, for those who doubt John’s (and indeed, his twin Edward’s) talent, that his acoustic covers are performed direct to camera, and there’s been no fenangling in post, it’s raw and real and pure. John’s slightly husky vocal technique adds to the sultry nature of the song – listen to him as he sings, “I can feel the paradise before my world implodes” – his full voice ably switches from the anthemic into falsetto, before seamlessly transitioning to the chorus, EXQUISITE.

I say this every time John releases a cover, but this is the best one yet. And it is.

Listen to John performing ‘Bad Habits’ below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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