#Jedward’s John Grimes Releases Heartbreakingly Soulful Acoustic Guitar Cover Of Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Someone You Loved’

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, John Grimes of Jedward has been entertaining fans and followers with his gorgeous acoustic guitar covers, on an average of about 2 a month. His latest is a cover of Lewis Capaldi’s song, ‘Someone You Loved’, which the Scottish singer released in early 2019, probably best known for its music video featuring his distant relation, Peter Capaldi.

Singing directly to camera, the track un-edited or remixed, raw and unchanged, the pure emotion of John’s feelings take flight as he plays his acoustic guitar. It’s a very short and sweet rendition, coming in at just under 2 minutes long, but it’s all John needs to share exactly how he feels.

Already heart-rendingly moving, in John’s hands, it has been imbued with his characteristic passion, and transformed into a song of heartbreak.

And indeed, that’s what John was hoping to convey, if his Instagram caption is anything to go by:

“It hurts when you get hurt by someone you once trusted and would do anything for, and all they do is act like they don’t care anymore, when all you ever wanted was to make them happy.”

Listen to John on IGTV:

Jedward have been in the news this week expressing their feelings when it comes to body positivity. To outside eyes we’d think they’ve got it all together when it comes to having a positive body image; but it seems even they aren’t immune to thinking there’s something wrong with their appearance. Again, on Instagram they said,

“Over the years we’ve had so many body insecurities but we’ve got to a point in our life where we have the who cares attitude! Let’s all embrace our natural selves! The beauty and scenic energy around Ireland is JEPIC! Always be brave enough to be you! We applaud everyone on social media who has the confidence to put themselves out there, it takes a lot of courage!”

What do you think of John’s cover? Do you agree with Jedward about body positivity? Let us know in the comments.

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