EVER HAD THE FEELING YOU’VE BEEN TREATED? Slumdog Director Danny Boyle Signs On To Helm New Sex Pistols TV Series

Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle is to direct a new TV drama, based on the autobiography of Sex Pistols‘ guitarist Steve Jones.

Starring Toby Wallace (Babyteeth, Acute Misfortune) as Jones, the six-part series charts the turbulent rise and fall of his band, whose snot-nosed assault on the establishment turned them into tabloid hate figures.

The series was created by Executive Producer Craig Pearce,  who also shared writing duties with Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Inspired by Jones’ memoir Lonely Boy:Tales From A Sex Pistol, it follows his emergence from humble beginnings in Hammersmith to rapid fame and notoriety, following ths band’s appearance on The Bill Grundy Show.

Production on the FX Entertainment project is due to kick off on March 7, with Trainspotting director Boyle delighted to be on board.

“This is the moment that British society and culture changed forever,” he says of the punk movement. “It is the detonation point for British street culture, where ordinary young people had the stage and vented their fury and their fashion.”

Described by original bassist Glen Matlock as “the spirit of the Sex Pistols,” Jones founded the band with friend and drummer Paul Cook.

LONELY BOY – Steve Jones

The pair were not above a little thievery when it came to acquiring equipment for the fledgling band – even nicking mics and amps from idol David Bowie after one of his live shows.

“Everyone feared or followed The Sex Pistols,” Boyle enthuses. “At its centre was a young charming illiterate kleptomaniac – a hero for the times – Steve Jones, who became in his own words, the 94th greatest guitarist of all time. This is how he got there.”

The series promises to provide a new perspective on the story of the Pistols, their friends in the Bromley Contingent and their love-hate relationship with management Svenglali Malcolm McLaren and his partner, designer Vivienne Westwood.

Featuring Anson Boon (Crawl, 1917) as singer John Lydon, Louis Partridge (Enola Homes, Medici) as Sid Vicious and Jacob Slater as Cook, the cast also includes Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams as Kings Road punk icon Jordan.

Chrissie Hynde – later to become a star in her own right as frontwoman with The Pretenders – will be played by Sydney Chandler (Don’t Worry Darling), while The Witcher‘s Emma Appleton is Vicious’ girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

Watch this space for more on the new series, in the meantime, here’s a blast of the real thing to whet you appetite:


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