Essential Advent Calendar: December 25 – A Very Special Message From Jedward

Today is the big day, and if you’ve followed The Essential Advent Calendar for all the years we’ve had it (this is our seventh!) you’ll know that Jedward are always behind the final door, Christmas Day.

This year is no different, but rather than a song, we have a special Christmas message from the Dublin duo, which you can watch below:

A Special Jedmas Message To Essentially Pop

John and Edward have been the bright shining light on social media in 2020, particularly on Twitter, where they have been sending encouraging personal messages to people, and standing up for those whose voices are often drowned out. Retaking the phrase “Social Justice Warrior” and restoring it from what has somehow become a derogatory term, John and Ed have this year put their feet (and faces) where their mouths are.

In June, while quarantining in Los Angeles, they marched for Black Lives Matter. On their return to Dublin they kept up the good fight, and since then they have spoken out about no fewer than 5 further causes, including Trans rights; the oppression of Travellers, particularly in Ireland; LGBTQIA+ rights and issues; body positivity; toxic masculinity; and the one for which they’ve become most famous this year, mask wearing and Covid-19 prevention. Back in August they began calling out those celebrities and personalities who oppose the official advice with regard to the best way to restrict the transmission of the virus, including well-reported Twitter stoushes with Jim Corr, Ian Brown, Van Morrison, Noel Gallagher, and Right Said Fred. They’ve also twice spoken out against social media influencers flouting lockdown and travel restrictions, the second time only a few days ago, when it came to light that many influencers had gone to Dubai, not only defying Covid-19 restrictions, but also providing a less than positive role model for their followers, given that country’s record on human rights with regard to slave labour and LGBTQIA+ rights.

On top of all this, Jedward have kept up the musical entertainment, releasing three singles and music videos from their 2019 fourth album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’. They participated in a virtual Eurovision event, singing an acoustic cover of their 2011 entry, ‘Lipstick’, as well as a cover of Lena’s 2010 song, ‘Satellite’. Additionally, John has recorded and released a swathe of acoustic covers, to much acclaim, not just from us here on Essentially Pop.

This day last year we nominated Jedward’s, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ as our song to inspire us to go into the new year and decade. It seems it’s also been John and Edward’s own inspiration. Let’s continue to choose our own adventure in 2021, and be a voice for those whose voices aren’t often heard as clearly as they should be. And in the words of John Grimes, let’s keep popping! Happy Christmas!

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  1. Hi! Hope you had a great holiday season! If Justin Bieber was Irish and had a twin, I imagine that they would look like Jedward. Have a great week.

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