Eivør “Let It Come” Single Review

Eivør is an artist and creative force that is completely and unapologetically herself. While her latest single, “Let It Come”, has definitely been influenced by modern electronic and pop music, I would not be telling the whole story simply labelling her new song as such.

As soon as the track starts it becomes very clear that we are being invited not just to listen, but to experience the soundscape world Eivør has created. The opening of the song feels like being in the middle of a winter storm. The whirling breeze-like sounds of the intro start to turn into a more recognizable synth/keyboard part, creating a sense of anticipation for what’s to come. The rhythm track kicks off with the beginning of the verse, and it’s surprisingly light sounding in the mix. Part of the uniqueness of this track is the way it breaks away from, what I would describe as, some of the stereotypes of the genres the song is pulling from. Instead of having that prominent sub-bass umph in the rhythm track, “Let It Come” has a much more mid/high percussive sound that is slightly pulled back in the mix. Accompanying the percussion is a very melodic bass track that is also pulled back in the mix. This placement of sound leaves a lot of room for Eivør’s vocals to come in crystal clear, and bright at the front of the mix.

The rhythm section of the track falls away in the pre chorus leaving room for a keyboard/synth track to fill the space. The synth/keys part crescendos and abruptly ends when Eivør sings the hook of the song “Let it come / Bring it on”. When she sings the hook, it feels like a continuation of the synth part because of the effect on her vocals. The synth part and vocal treatment tie the pre-chorus and the chorus together. The drop reveals a huge anthem-like chorus but, again, breaks away from convention with the instrumentation. The rhythm, though much more forward in the mix, doesn’t have that sub-bass, feel-it-in-your-chest sound and feel. Instead, what makes the chorus so anthemic is the addition of the epic sounding background vocals, and the keys/synth. Eivør’s vocal becomes a focal point in the mix once again as it shoots up into an astonishing falsetto range, spreading the soundscape of the track into different registers, and making everything feel so much bigger than it does in the verses.

When the second verse begins, we go back to a similar feel to the first verse but with the addition of a melodic guitar/strings sound, that creates a feeling of tension bordering on anxiety in the track. The way Eivør plays with sound, and emotion in the song to create the peaks and valleys is very engaging. The second verse feels bigger and gives the illusion that the pace of the song is quickening. This is all achieved through the addition of that one extra part in the mix, and the change in emotional focus that it provides.

I think Eivør has done a tremendous job of creating a song that is undeniably her own, using aspects of the genres that she is influenced by and flipping them to create something unique to her. “Let It Come” plays with sound to create different emotional layers and stunning dynamics without overly crowding the overall soundscape with unnecessary instruments. If you are a fan of electronic, pop-inspired music, give Eivør’s new single a listen.

Eivør - "Let It Come" (Official Video)

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