Griff Releases New Single ‘Forgive Myself’

Since her last single ‘Good Stuff’ in February, that went viral, pop-singer Griff has now released a new single called ‘Forgive Myself’.

On her official Instagram page, she announced to her fans about her new single ‘Forgive Myself’ coming out, along with this she added that she hopes her fans like it and how she sends love to them as well.

Unlike ‘Good Stuff’ which describes how you go through heartbreaks and pain when you’re in love, in ‘Forgive Myself’ Griff shares her thoughts and feelings in the song saying in the chorus on how, ‘I gave my heart to the wrong somebody else, I need to forgive myself’. ‘Forgive Myself’ is a relatable song to anyone who has been in a relationship and has received hurt and heartbreak from it and is unable to trust their feelings again to fall for someone else, as Griff sings in her single ‘it is going to be hard trusting my feelings again, cause what if they mess up again’.

Alongside the beautiful vocals sung by Griff, ‘Forgive Myself’ is played with an upbeat, electrical-pop sound that is very catchy and brings out those party and heartfelt vibes which we all love.

If you like the sound of Griff then why not stream her music on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube.

You can also follow Griff on her Official social accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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