Children Of The State

Children Of The State Release ‘Big Sur’ – Single Out Now

Quintet Children Of The State release their new single ‘Big Sur’ today, April 10.

We took the opportunity to speak to Children Of The State and talk about the band, as well as gaining insight into their new single release.

Who are the members of Children Of The State?

John McCullagh, Nathan Keeble, Conor O’Reilly, Corey Clifton and Harry Eland.

Where did the band originate?

We’re from Doncaster and Bolsover but spent a lot of time in Sheffield where Nathan lived while studying at university so you could say that was partly to blame for this as well as Doncaster.

Why did you choose the band name ‘Children Of  The State’?

It’s certainly a name open to interpretation with many meanings you can pick from it. We like the idea of keeping people guessing at it instead of letting it be known. There’s nothing wrong with a little mystery is there.

What inspired the band to be created?

We’ve all been in musical projects before in some way or another and all share similar ambitions for what we want to create. There’s nothing else to do other than getting leathered anyway so we might as well do something productive.

What are the musical influences of the band?

From Bob Dylan to Kanye West there’s quite a range of influences. Lately, there’s been a lot of Elvis, Gram Parsons and Cher on.

Lastly, as we know you are releasing a new single ‘Big Sur’. Could you explain the history behind this song?

We started playing about with this last summer while on a big Beach Boys binge and we soon all grew quite fond of the track. It’s all about wanting to get to the beach to be succinct.

You can find Children Of The State online on their official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can also stream and download their music on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud.

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