Mike Smiff – ‘My First Hunnid’ (feat. Gank Gaank)

Florida rappers Mike Smiff and Gank Gaank know what it’s like to be deprived, and equally the joy of that comes with the power to purchase.

The video for ‘My First Hunnid’ opens with two kids being turned away from a Miami ice cream parlour, because they don’t have the money. Their desire and disappointment are evident in equal amounts. But then a miracle happens: a buyer with a massive bankroll shouts for ice creams for everyone in the crowd; of course at this point the shopkeeper is only too happy to allow the boys to have their wished for ice creams. “Money talks”, and often has the loudest voice.

Mike Smiff grinds hard at his game, and his toil and talent has earned him the respect of his peers. He not only demonstrates these on ‘My First Hunnid’ but also his belief in teamwork, with the song compelling the listener from its very first notes, right through to the closing beats; and at its most exciting when Smiff trades lines with Gank Gaank.

Find Mike Smiff online on Facebook and Instagram. Watch the video for ‘My First Hunnid’ here:

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