Jedward’s ‘Bodies In Action’ Is Sensual, Suggestive, And Sensational

Released today, in a joint offering with lead single ‘Soul Crushing’, ‘Bodies In Action’ is the second track from Jedward’s upcoming album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’. The album is the fourth for the Dublin duo, and is set for release worldwide on June 27 through Universal Music Asia.

Opening with steel string guitar and a super hooky repeated “ooh ooh” rhythm, ‘Bodies In Action’ is possibly the most sensual song we’ve heard from Jedward, as they sibilantly slink and stutter through lyrics such as

Let’s put our bodies in action
B-b-bodies in action
Give me all your passion tonight
‘Cause you’re the satisfaction
That I need to get me high

Coupled with a Latin funk/RnB rhythm that wouldn’t be out of place on a track by Justin Timberlake or Enrique Iglesias, and you have easily one of the catchiest singles we’ve heard in ages.

‘Bodies In Action’, despite the title, isn’t so much about sex, but rather it’s suggestive, with the singers teasing listeners (playing the role of prospective lovers) with what they want to do. It’s a mood-setting song – a “fore” foreplay song if you will, and stylistically the rhythms, which hop between Latin, funk, RnB, and even EDM, work well together in conjunction with John and Edward’s honeyed, and often falsetto vocals. Once again, like the rest of the 21 tracks on ‘Voice Of A Rebel’, it’s been written by the twins themselves, with both taking the production helm.

If there’s any fault to the track, it’s that it ends somewhat abruptly. But the solution to this is simple, and that is to hit the replay button, which we have done, over and over and over again.

Stream ‘Bodies In Action’ on Spotify. Pre-order ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ on iTunes. Read our review of ‘Soul Crushing’ here.

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