‘Cannot Listen (Fake Friend Diss)’ By The Don Kap Is A Sad Trap Track With A Chill Vibe

The first single for 2019 from The Don Kap, ‘Cannot Listen (Fake Friend Diss)’ is a laid back chill track with a solid message for today.

Originally from Israel but now living in North Bronx, New York City, The Don Kap is a filmmaker and rapper, whose brutal, in your face attitude, and honest lyrics are a breath of fresh air in today’s rap scene.

The Don Kap, who has a Masters Degree in Film, raps about how he can no longer listen to fake people. He’s been hurt in the past, and this is his decree about how he’s going to deal with fakes in future. The song was written immediately after The Don rid himself of someone who had been his best friend for 25 years. The friend had been jealous, selfish, and constantly tried to one-up him. The Don decided, enough is enough – and pulled the plug on the friendship. It’s sad that this track has had to come out of such a painful experience, but in any case it’s an awesome song.

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‘Cannot Listen (Fake Friend Diss)’ has a great T-Pain style autotuning sound to it, which is the perfect match for the mellow rhythms and super catchy trap beats, and a nice contrast to the strong – almost angry – lyrics. There’s no doubt that The Don Kap means business.

The song is accompanied by a brilliant music video shot in Tel Aviv, Israel, which takes the viewer around The Don’s local neighbourhood (including a cafe where they’re cooking a mean Shakshuka) and some fabulous drone shots over the beach in the glorious sunshine. There’s some great imagery in the clip, including bags of earplugs being thrown to the floor, symbolic of how much he’s not prepared to listen to fakes anymore. We also see scenes of The Don wearing Tefillin, the leather boxes containing verses of The Torah, worn by observant adult Jews during morning prayers; this is an indication of how much anguish he’s gone through before deciding to end the friendship.

It’s a powerful message, but there’s still room for some humour in the clip, such as The Don getting onto a hire bike, and sitting in a cafe relaxing, while his friends serve as his bodyguards and ensure he doesn’t have to listen to anything he doesn’t want to.

The Don Kap is certainly going places and ‘Cannot Listen (Fake Friend Diss)’ is just the start. Speaking to Muzique Magazine, the artist said he has a film coming out in the summer, and is also getting his music career off the ground. We look forward to hearing what more he comes up with.

The Don Kap is online on Twitter and Instagram, but follow with caution – he accepts no fakes.

‘Cannot Listen (Fake Friend Diss)’ is available to stream on Spotify and SoundCloud.

The Don Kap - Cannot Listen (Fake Friend Diss) - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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