‘Our Love’ Is The Exciting First Release For Swedish Producer Lucas Mayne

Stockholm native Lucas Mayne – real name Lucas Karanikas – is an 18 year old producer. His first single, ‘Our Love’, was released on March 14.

Lucas started out in primary school with a passion for music, and wanted to have a career as a rapper when he got older. He had a desire to tell stories of his past experiences with his songs, and this developed later on into a love of producing. Pursuing this further, he started to realise his true potential in making music.

Lucas’s musical tastes turned to major house artists, including fellow Swede, the late Avicii, and Major Lazer. He started producing more and more electronic music, producing from his bedroom, starting three years ago at the age of 15. His style combines modern electronic sounds with acoustic elements, and his lyrics take their inspiration from his life experiences, and previous relationships. Although he’s not yet released a single, he has gathered to himself a large fanbase, from performing in big clubs in Stockholm.

Lucas’s first single, ‘Our Love’, was released last week, March 14, and is already getting some good plays on Spotify. It’s an upbeat EDM track, with an 80s style synth sound, and a great. pounding rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance. You can hear the influence of Avicii on his sound – ‘Our Love’ has elements that remind us of ‘Gravity’, ‘Waiting For Love’, and ‘You Be Love’. But there’s no denying his talent: Lucas has very expertly layered the instrumental tracks underneath the vocal, in such a way that it’s hard to believe he’s only been doing electronic production for three years.

There’s not a lot online at the moment about Lucas Mayne, but keep an eye out on his social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, because you can be sure there will be. Stream and download ‘Our Love’ on Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Amazon, and Yandex.

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