Jedward To Release Fourth Album Early Next Year

Jedward’s fans have known for a while that a new album was on the way, but we weren’t sure when. Last night however, one fan noticed a casual mention on Jedward’s Spotify channel, which simply said,

It’s certainly been a long time in the making. The Dublin Twins last released a long player back in 2012, the ‘Young Love’ record, a concept album which followed the progress of a relationship from start to finish, and which saw John and Edward move away from the “Scandi-Pop” tunes they’d had on their previous album, ‘Victory’, towards the more mature sound of songs such as ‘What It Feels Like’, ‘Luminous’, and ‘Can’t Forget You’. It also explored a wider range of genres; ‘How Did You Know’ has an Americana vibe, ‘Luminous’ is pure dance, and yet there were still the pop songs the twins were known for.

John and Edward separated from their then management back in 2013, and since then have released a total of 9 tracks as independent artists, again exploring different musical styles, including EDM, rap, disco-funk, and anthemic pop ballads. Their most recent release was ‘Oxygen’, which came out in January 2017, shortly before they entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. Of their independent releases, all of which have been written by the twins themselves, and most of which come with music videos, also of their making, the most popular is the laid back So-Cal feel track, ‘Good Vibes’:

Jedward - Good Vibes

There’s been teases of tracks since then – in the summer last year they suggested they might release a song called ‘Karma’, and posted a short sound clip. More recently it was mooted they might put out some fan favourites – the afore-mentioned ‘Karma’, as well as ‘Perfect Wonderland’, and ‘Golden Years’, the latter of which Jedward had shared clips meant for a music video, as well as lyrics.

John and Edward also told fans the album was coming, with tweets such as, “16 bangers in the bag”, and “they’re brand new songs, not the ones we’ve already released”.

The new album was recorded in Los Angeles in the first six months of this year, and so far there’s been no hint as to musical style. There have been hints though, such as the change of their long term logo to a more rock style image. It remains to be seen however what their music will be like, but at least now, we know when we should expect it.

What do you think of the idea of Jedward releasing a new album? What’s been your favourite song of theirs?


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