S.J. Armstrong – ‘Some Restful Day’

SJ Armstrong he has a degree in political science, but chose to follow a different path when he chose instead to pursue music. The twenty three year old singer grew up in Los Angeles, and found music has always been a part of him. He started writing music at the age of 19 with the idea of becoming a jazz guitar player, but after a country phase (as “The Mysterious Mr Shoe”), he found his way to rock.

SJ isn’t a fan of over-production and so he uses the demos of his songs for the official release, giving a human touch to his tracks. SJ shot the video for his latest track, ‘Some Restful Day’ by himself, and takes a look behind the lyrics and message of the song. Taking shots of birds, staircases, signs, parking lots, and satellites, in order to add hidden messages, and opens with strategic low-angle scenes of LA to highlight the idea of being small, and insignifcant. Scenes like Mel’s Diner on the corner of Hollywood and Highland; the distant view of City Hall in Downtown LA; The Orpheum Theatre in LA’s historic Broadway; and views of rooftop carparks in the fashion district all come together to present a dreamlike setting. During SJs final semester of college he kept dreaming about a girl in a movie theatre, but he could never find her, instead waking up in the middle of his search. ‘Some Restful Day’ is the dream written down, and has been recordded as a demo. The song and visuals combine as one striking artpiece.

Find out more about SJ Armstrong on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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