Sharknado 4 To Take The World By Storm With Many More Cameos – Including Jedward!

Jedward and Kym Johnson in Sharknado 4. Photo © Getty Images
Jedward and Kym Johnson in Sharknado 4. Photo © Getty Images

Sharknado 4 is set to take the world by storm, and will be screened in the US on the Syfy channel on July 31, with the rest of the world having to wait until August 2.

The question of course on the lips of Sharknado fans is, “Does April Live?” We can reveal that yes, the chainsaw-appended April Wexler, played brilliantly poker-faced by Tara Reid, does indeed return. We will however have to wait and see just how she survived being squashed by a space shuttle, at the end of the previous edition of the Sharky franchise.


Other characters set to return include David Hasselhoff, as Gil Shepard, the father of Shark Magnet, Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering). At the end of Sharknado 3, Gil was left marooned on the moon, with his space shuttle the very same one which hurtled to earth and squashed April. Also returning are Jedward, whose future was equally left up in the air in Sharknado 3, where they were last seen leaving a shark-infested rollercoaster.

Jedward, aka John and Edward Grimes, are returning this time not as themselves, but as “Astro Techs” employed by Astro-X, an Astro Technology firm.

Further cameos include The Hoff’s daughters, Hayley and Taylor-Ann, who play Supervisor Mary Jane and Pilot Shaylin respectively. Set in Las Vegas, itself a hotbed of cameo activity, the film also includes Wayne Newton, Chippendales Dancers (yes!), Seth Rollins (WWE) and many many more.

See Syfy’s website for further details.

SHARKNADO 4: The 4th Awakens - Is April Alive?

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