Growing up in Emek Hefer, a small coastal Israeli town, Dorj, real name Dor Turgeman, took his first musical inspiration from his natural environment.

He taught himself to play both guitar and piano from the age of 9, while being taught to sing by his grandfather, who had been a famous singer in Morocco. It was through the complicated vocal techniques found in Arab-influenced music, that let him to experiment with improvisation.

Music was such a part of Dorj’s life that he went on to study at the Music Academy of Tel Aviv, learning classical composition, counterpoint, conducting symphony orchestras, ear training – as well as performing in an orchestral choir. During this time Dorj was also playing a wide range of instruments in jazz ensembles – totally immersing himself in music in every aspect of his life.

Dorj is conscious of the importance of strong lyricism:

“I grew up with lyricists such as Leonard Cohen & Bob Dylan, who influenced my journey in exploring the power of words within melodies – how to play with meanings, syllables, and poetic metaphors. I have grown increasingly fascinated by the artistry of strong lyrical presence sitting on top of abstract electronic sounds.

“In recent years, my entire musical attention has shifted to the outpouring of electrical music, beats and sounds, that are both abstract and yet simultaneously very grounded”.

Citing influences such as 2Pac, Biggie, and other more recent hip-hop artists such as Kendrick Lamar, and exploring the sounds of the likes of Jai Paul, Kaytranada, and Mndsgn, Dorj has managed to create a sound which both aligns with the times, but is totally his own – a fascinating blend of classical influence, combined with the interesting production and song-writing structures of modern electronic music.

Dorj’s new EP, ‘FORGETMOVEONDONTCARE’, co-produced by New York based producer, Ido Freedman, is:

“…a trilogy which explores the same story told from three different perspectives. These three songs were written whilst I was in a serious relationship, and as it came to a painful end. A reflection on the meaning and essence of relationships, of the individual placed in front of the other.

“This is not merely a banal exploration of love, or the hardships to have loved and lost – these are abstract and ephemeral metaphors and questions that apply to all the definitions of selfhood – be that chasing a career, trying to understand who we are in a process of growing, and constantly trying to become something, and someone – and along the way.”

Lyrically stirring, with the sound of the sea echoing in the beat and ethereal vocals, lead track ‘Don’t Care’ is an electronic feast for the ears, with dips and swells mimicking the waves lapping on the shore.

Dorj can be found online on his website, on Facebook, and on Soundcloud.

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