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We at Essentially Pop had the pleasure of attending Jedward’s mini tour of Ireland last weekend.

The packed and fun filled weekend began on Friday 24th, with a sold out concert in Dublin’s historic Olympia Theatre.

First we attended a VIP sound check, where John and Edward took to the stage in front of just a 100 or so fans. In this intimate, informal setting, we were lucky enough to get a first listen to some of their unreleased tracks, and hear the twins speak candidly about themselves and their musical aspirations. Listening to them speak, it’s clear that they are extremely dedicated to, serious and knowledgable about their craft, whilst still maintaining the fun aspects we all know and love.

The concert proper was packed to the rafters. Fans of all ages, saw the twins showcase some of their new songs from their forthcoming album, including Free Spirit and newly released single Ferocious. These brought the house down, along with some classic Jedward tracks, and a nice informal acoustic section, which gave us all a bit of breather.

The pace of a Jedward concert is fast and the atmosphere electric – concert goers enjoyed the music and the amusing banter between John and Edward. Their rapport with their audience is second to none!

Moving on to the Saturday, we saw the twins (and a posse of fans) make their way to Castlebar, where the duo met fans and signed copies of their new CD Ferocious.


Again the event was packed, but John and Edward took the time to ensure everyone had a photo and their CD signed.


Sunday saw us all travel back east to Drogheda, for a concert at the TLT. Again this was well attended, with fans of all ages. Again the standard of entertainment was high, with a flawless acoustic rendition of “Rude” ( by Magic) stealing the show. The concert ended with crowd pleasers “All The Small Things” and the classic Vanilla Ice/Queen mash up ” Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby”. Another fantastic show and a good time had by all.

Monday saw us all making the trip back to Co.Mayo for the final concert in the Royal Theatre Castlebar. Again this concert was very well attended and everyone was there to have fun!

The Dublin twins, who are natural performers, again wowed the crowd as only they can. We were treated to song after song from their back catalogue of rousing pop, to their new self penned dance anthems, with a few ballads and acoustics in between.

The chat between songs was both amusing and interesting, and it all ended far too soon. We were sorry it was over and could easily have done a few more concerts before making our weary way back to the UK.

We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend on Planet Jedward.

Look out for the yet to be released self-penned tracks, “Silent Raindrops” and “Perfect Wonderland”. We were privileged to get a sneak preview and have been singing both songs ever since. Check out the new video for Ferocious, co-starring Tara Reid!

Whilst in Ireland we picked up a few Jepic goodies!


If you would like to win a Ferocious CD, a lanyard and a poster, then just answer these simple questions:

1) Which Hollywood Star makes a cameo appearance in Jedward’s newly released music video “Ferocious”?

2) I am Ferocious because……..?

Send us your answers by midnight 8 November to essentiallypop1@gmail.com

Good luck everyone!

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Last, but by no means least, she has a lot of love for two very talented Irish twins, you may know them as Jedward :)

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