Jedward vs Blonde Electra


Another week of X Factor, and still more comparisons between Jedward and Blonde Electra. In previous articles we’ve said that Ruby & Jazzy are nothing like John and Edward – we have since revised our position somwhat.

We’re not saying that they’re similar. We still maintain that the only thing the girls have in common with the Dublin Duo is that they’re siblings and bottle blondes. But Blonde Electra, as John and Edward and many ohers before them, have been misrepresented by the X Factor.

Have you seen this?

Yes. That’s Blonde Electra. They can sing. They are actually quite talented. Likewise, John and Edward:

Yet both acts have been represented as a novelty by the X Factor. Louis Walsh is quoted as saying:

“People are calling them the female Jedward but they are no comedy, they are just different.”

Guess what Louis? John and Edward are different too. They’re also no comedy. They’re 23 next week and they’re serious musicans who are still, regardless of what gets thrown at them, working hard at what they love. They’ve been busy trying to shake off the novelty image they were saddled with, and following their dreams, which is, and was always, to be pop stars.

It’s our belief that Ruby and Jazzy also went into the show with the idea that it would be a springboard to follow their dreams. Somewhere along the way though, it was decided that they were going to be this year’s novelty.

Enough X Factor. Just stop.

John and Edward’s new single, Ferocious, comes out on October 24. We’ve heard a 1 minute preview of it, and it’s just brilliant. Not a novelty. By any stretch.


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