The New Jedward? What’s Wrong with the Old One? (Part 2)


Another week of the X Factor, and another act with whom comparisons were made to John and Edward.

This time it was identical twins, Kyle and Josh Brooks, aged 15. True, they didn’t refer to Jedward, but as soon as they came out, social media caught fire people from all sectors saying, “The New Jedward?”

And again…no.

Yes, there’s some similiarties between the Brooks Twins and John and Edward’s image today – but the major difference is that the Grimes Twins are 23 next month. It’s an image they’ve grown into…and it just looks…well, wrong…on teenage boys.

When John and Edward auditioned for X Factor in 2009, they were also teenagers, but they were raw, untutored, straight from school. They had performed in school talent shows, but they were just…themselves. And they still are.

Contrast the Brooks twins. When John and Edward auditioned they were described as “cocky” – but they weren’t. They were merely performing. The Brooks twins present looking like twin Justin Biebers…well…watch this:

Good luck to them, they can sing really well, they have a very polished presentation. It could be down to their singing in church, or it could be some pre-X Factor coaching. But somehow, it just doesn’t seem real.

Again – I’ll stick with the Jedward I’ve already got, thanks.

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