Jedward – Free Spirit Lyric Video

butterflyYou might wonder why we do so much about Jedward. Well, truth is, we like them. Nay, we love them! The Dublin duo have worked very hard to get where they are, and we at Essentially Pop admire that. So, when we heard they had written all the songs on their forthcoming new album, we decided we should get behind them all the way.

This morning we got especially excited when John and Edward tweeted that they have released the official lyric video. If you don’t already know, the twins make all their own music videos, and each one is better than the last. We weren’t wrong to be excited. It’s lovely. It has an olde-worlde feel about it, a story-book, a fairy-tale. The pages turn and we’re shown lyrics, and drawings move across the page. Our favourites are the butterfly and the dandelion clocks, although the blinking eyes are definitely worthy of a mention.

Have a look for yourself. Tell us what you think. We see this video as going viral, and quite deservedly so. The song itself is getting quite a lot of airplay, and will be available to download on iTunes from May 17.

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