Dre’Co feat. Asia Major – ‘Way Up’

Dre’Co’s latest single, ‘Way Up’, sees him collaborate with Asia Major. The song opens with Asia Major’s chorus, and she sings the lyrics with power and intention, making it clear from the get go that both she and Dre’Co are hungry for success and will not stop until they achieve greatness.

Candlebox – ‘Riptide’

Seattle Washington band Candlebox have helped shaped the direction of contemporary music, from their earliest days when they were a part of a group of courageous PNW artists, who identified the relationship between classic rock, metal, punk, blues, and experimental music. Just like their grunge and alt-rock peers, they were rewarded with massive worldwide success: hit singles and albums (including their quadruple-platinum self-titled debut), global tours, and a permanent place in the hearts of millions. That’s a vital part of the Candlebox story, and always will be.

The Veer Union – ‘Monster’ (Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber Cover)

Almost exactly a year ago we featured Jedward’s John Grimes’ cover of the Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber single, ‘Monster’. Now we bring you another take on the song, by The Veer Union. Unlike John’s rendition, which saw him sing accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, and indeed, the original song, which was a dance pop number – in the hands of The Veer Union, and featuring Late Night Savior & Stealing Eden, the song is shaken from its pop foundations and given a more punk, almost heavy metal treatment. 

JidScan – ‘On Fire’ feat. Ty Jack

JidScan’s latest single, ‘On Fire Tonight’, sees the artist show off his sharp-witted and commanding lyrics, as he opens our eyes to what truly matters in life: chasing your dream until it becomes a reality.

The Dirty Moogs – ‘Hot Moms’

While fun is their MO, The Dirty Moogs’ discography is a psychedelic blend of just about every genre you can think of: everyone will have a favourite in their repertoire, and it just might be their latest single, ‘Hot Moms’.

Parcels – ‘Famous’

Parcels have been busy making an intriguing serial drama with the videos for songs from their acclaimed second album, ‘Day/Night’, and fans just can’t get enough. ‘Famous’ is the latest instalment in the series, and just like the others, will leave fans puzzled, maybe disoriented, but definitely ready for the next.

Makes My Blood Dance – ‘Sick As Our Secrets (Live Version)’

Makes My Blood Dance brings their latest adrenaline-laced track, ‘Sick As Our Secrets’ centre stage. The group revisit their classic ‘Sick As My Secrets’, releasing a live version, recorded at Smash Sound Stage New York City, giving us ‘Sick As Our Secrets (Live Version)’.

Laura Davies – ‘Do You Feel?’

Laura Davies is a 16 year old singer/songwriter set to make her debut on the EDM scene. In the production of her new song, ‘Do You Feel?’, which sees her collaborate with Tyrone C, she brings a simplicity and elegance to the track through her lyrics.

Andrew Reed & The Liberation – ‘Twisted World’

Playing everything except the drums, Andrew Reed’s new single,  ‘Twisted World’ is intoxicating and adventurous – a missive from a musical explorer who turned inward and found himself.

Bruce Sudano – ‘Cosmic Ride’

We take a trip through the Milky Way in Bruce Sudano’s latest single release, ‘Cosmic Ride’. The song is all about having an open heart and mind to find meaning within, while we traverse the adventure that is life. With easy-going guitar, and groovy drums, we are swept away into a meditative daydream, that sees us float through feelings of peace, and playfulness. Of course, like Bruce’s other recent releases over the past few years, the new single comes with an animated lyric video.

Nubia Rose – ‘I Want Nothing For Christmas’

Rather than indulging herself with commercialism and consumerism, with her new single, ‘I Want Nothing For Christmas’, Nubia Rose reminds us to take a step back and appreciate what we already have.

Harper Starling – ‘Snow Cone Christmas’

Harper Starling belts out sugary sweet vocals in ‘Snow Cone Christmas’. With lyrics written by Harper and her friend and frequent collaborator, Cindy Valentine the song was produced by Cindy Valentine and Gemini Muziq. Harper’s excitement for the holidays are palpable, and the lyrics that tell that her countdown starts as soon as the leaves begin to fall.

Ingrid Michaelson And Zooey Deschanel – ‘Merry Christmas, Happy New Year’

Fibre artist and filmmaker Andrea Love is an animator who creates entire worlds out of wool. Her plush worlds are populated by whimsical characters who are impossibly beautiful, while maintaining a delightful, squeezable softness. The Port Townsend, Washington artist puts her magic into every thread and bead, and this is no less so the case with the music video she’s created for Ingrid Michaelson and Zooey Deschanel’s new festive single, ‘Merry Christmas, Happy New Year’.

The Tano Jones Revelry – ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Even though it doesn’t snow in Southern California, doesn’t mean you can’t throw a great Christmas party – The Tano Jones Revelry know this only too well, and in the clip for their new single, ‘Little Drummer Boy’, they take us to the streets of Los Angeles, as well as the Pacific Ocean beachfront.

Cat Ridgeway – ‘Sweet Like Candy’

While clubs are always a great place for artists to introduce their new music, the same can be said for the roller rink; if people with wheels on their feet are moving along to your song, then you know you’re onto a good thing, Florida singer songwriter Cat Ridgeway takes her new single, ‘Sweet Like Candy’, to a skatepark, and is surrounded by roller skaters in the video for the song. With her trademark wide and genuine smile, she alone stands still with her guitar, as she strums, and sings.

Ginny Luke – ‘Seductive Cinderella’

Her new single, ‘Seductive Cinderella’, sees Ginny Luke go all out with powerful imagery, presenting a character of female power and autonomy, using the metaphor of a witch to show female empowerment.

Sp8ce Owl – ‘Dancing In An Empty Room’

Sp8ce Owl makes music where the very notes seem to dance. Everything seems to be in motion, with delicate but insistent beats, the bass throbs, the sweeping pads, the acrobatic melodies. His latest single, ‘Dancing In An Empty Room’, from his upcoming album ‘A Room Without Walls’, is  one such track, and it’s a master class in the art of generating the illusion of motion, even when the musician making the sound is sitting perfectly still at his synthesizer.

Harper Starling – ‘Cannot Tell A Lie’

We’ve written about Harper Starling a lot in recent months, including our interview back in September. She is nothing if not a prolific artist, and her new single, ‘Cannot Tell A Lie’ follows hot on the heels of her track, ‘No More What If’.

Janean Christine Mariani – ‘Red Number 5’

California-based Americana singer-songwriter Janean Christine Mariani, in her new single, ‘Red Number 5’, knows all too well that stray encounters can often signify a new beginning, a new start, a new motivation to take a risk and change a life that’s spiralling out of control.

Uncommon Nasa – ‘Brooklyn Soup’

Uncommon Nasa brings us a sound like no other. The hip hop artist brings poetry to his music, and he’s all about finding wisdom, through a rebellion against the mainstream. Inspired by the complexities of human nature, his music is truly relatable, and finds an audience from all walks of life.

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