Talking Heads

ATMIG – ‘Trip’

ATMIG, from the metro area of Detroit, take their name from a Talking Heads song, 'Once In a Lifetime' - an acronym of "After The Money Is Gone". It's a pretty safe bet then to guess that their music is pretty quirky and definitely worth listening to - as their new track, 'Trip' confirms.
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LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE – A.R. Kane’s Rudy Sends A Message To You

Dreampop pioneers A.R. Kane are back with a vengeance with a string of UK and European gigs under their belt and the tantalising prospect of new music on the way. In a funny, frank and ferocious interview, founder member Rudy Tambala  tells Matt Catchpole about the band’s origins, fallout with M/A/R/R/S collaborators Colourbox and his contempt for ‘dumbassmutherfucka’ Brexiteers. You have…
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