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THOUGHTS OF YESTERDAY – Aussie Solo Artist Suzie Stapleton Unleashes New Single Yesterday’s Town

I was lucky enough to catch Suzie Stapleton opening for Boss Hog at the Hackney Oslo earlier this year. Playing for someone else’s audience is never easy but, despite wrestling with some recalcitrant loop pedals, a solo Stapleton secured a great reception. The Sydney-born singer-guitarist won over the crowd with her smoky, rasping voice and full bodied swamp-blues playing style and she’s been attracting…
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DuShane Band – ‘Alabama Rain’

Formed in late 2012 by lead singer Shane DuShane, DuShane is the perfect cohesion of southern rock and country, with Shane's New York City roots giving the band its "Urban Country" Americana sound. Their debut single, 'Alabama Rain', was released earlier this year, and has received warm reviews, with the band finding popularity with fans of a wide range of…
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