Eagle Johnson And Clean Machine Are Getting High With New Release ‘All My Friends’

It’s April 20, aka Weed Day, so what better day than today to cover the latest single by Eagle Johnson and Clean Machine, ‘All My Friends’, which is all about gathering together with your friends, forgetting your problems and putting the world to rights – by getting high?

Take A Trip Down ‘American Avenue’ With Nashville’s Oberon Rose Ahead Of January Album Release

First listen of ‘American Avenue’, from Oberon Rose and you instinctively think of early Fleetwood Mac. This is for good reason, as the songwriting team, built around Tommy Oberon and Rebecca Rose, draw from influences which include the blues guitar playing of the recently departed Peter Green, who founded the band.

Contemporary Country Artist Nathan Thomas Releases New Album With Visuals For Title Track, ‘Simpler Times’

Singer-songwriter Nathan Thomas is something of a rarity, in more than just one respect. A lifelong Nashville resident, he’s the son of an in-demand musician who played with acts as varied as bluegrass legend Del McCoury and future Country Music Hall of Fame member Barbara Mandrell. From shadowing his dad during local performances, to playing in bands in high school and now to the present-day, creating and performing music has been his passion. As a young man, there was music everywhere around him, but more importantly there has always been that spark inside of him to create and perform. With the release of his debut project, ‘Simpler Times’, the spark has become a bright, colourful inferno.

Casey Ahern Releases Visuals For Her New Single, ‘Sunday Driver’.

The free spirit feeling that Casey Ahern embodies is taken on the road in her latest release. With its upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm, ‘Sunday Driver’ narrates Casey’s road trips with her dad, when she was younger.

Nashville Based Rocker Dinzy Delivers Haunting Video for Her Latest Single “Lie To Yourself”

Watch Dinzy’s music video for her most recent single ‘Lie to Yourself’ – which was written, produced and performed by the singer herself – available on YouTube now.

Robert O’Connor Releases Re-Vamped Version of Single ‘Real Good Fight’

Robert O’Connor releases the Skynem mix of his most recent single ‘Real Good Fight’. In the lead up to this release, Emma Mages caught…

The Criticals – ‘Treat Ya Better’

Nashville based rock band The Criticals was formed last year, 2018. by Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart. The duo take their influence from the Rolling Stones, The Strokes and The Libertines, and their music therefore combines vintage sensibilities with a modern sound. Latest single, ‘Treat Ya Better’, is an excellent example of this.

Good Service – ‘Summer Muses’

Noah Fardon, performing as Good Service, was born in Nashville, and is now back there – with a long convoluted journey that saw him living in Maine, where he translated Ancient Greek. If that’s not enough to get you interested, then his music definitely will be.

Rob Georg Says It’s ‘Time For Some Ink’ With Snarling Southern Rock Track

Rob Georg looks and sounds every bit the cowboy, from his Stetson hat right down to his singing drawl, and to his love of Cutting, a discipline of western riding, which is ridden on horses working cattle. His song, ‘Time For Some Ink’, was produced by Kristin K. Smith, in Nashville, and is a southern rock track as can possibly be.

Brooke Moriber – ‘Cry Like A Girl’

Think of the term, ‘like a girl’, and you might think of all the negative connotations attached to it. In the hands of Brooke Moriber however, in her song, ‘Cry Like A Girl’, it’s anthem of empowerment and Grrl Power.

Billboard #1 Songwriter and Emerging Artist Cherie Oakley Releases Debut Single “Work It”

Cherie Oakley is taking the country music world by storm. The soon to be household name is already a country hit writer, penning Reba McEntire’s Turn On The Radio, which went to #1 on the Billboard Country Charts.

Corinne Cook – ‘One Box Of Tissues’

Winner of the Nashville Industry Music Award for her song, ‘I Don’t’, from her 2015 set, ‘Dressed Up For Goodbye’, Corinne Cook is not one to wallow, and her latest release, ‘One Box Of Tissues’, is every bit as gutsy and candid as her other releases.

Waterfall Wash – ‘Colors’

  From Nashville, Tennessee, Waterfall Wash are a four-piece fuzz pop act, whose sound blends lo-fi, and ambient white noise, with a more hi-fi…

Juliana Hale – ‘Cupid’

Released in time for St Valentine’s Day, Juliana Hale’s new single, ‘Cupid’, is her first new track since her EP last year, ‘Small Talk’. California native Hale is now based in Nashville, and her sound is unquestionably pop but with an old-fashioned honesty and clarity.

Pop/Country Singer Jessica Robinson Releases Latest Single ‘Doing It All Wrong’

Set for release this Friday 22 February, ‘Doing It All Wrong’ is the latest single from Pop/Country singer, Jessica Robinson.

Hayes Carll Releases New Album ‘What It Is’ On February 15 After Moving Debut At The Grand Ole Oprey

On Tuesday, February 5, Hayes Carll stepped onto one of the most famous stages in the world, onto THE most famous stage in Country music.

Urban Fu$e – ‘Splurge’

‘Splurge’ is the latest track from multi-national collaboration, Urban Fu$e. We first wrote about them back in October last year, with their song, ‘Can’t Steal My Deal’.

Jeremy Parsons – ‘Why Is The Bluebird Blue’

Jeremy Parsons draws from his personal experiences to create his songs, and this intimacy comes through in ‘Why Is The Bluebird Blue’: we want to find some way of making him less lonely.

Alabama Based Peruvian Musician, Brown Kid Releases EP, ‘Rusty Strings’

Brown Kid hails from Peru, but is nowadays based in Alabama, where the singer songwriter has released his new EP, ‘Rusty Strings’. With a laid back folky sound which reminds the listener a bit of Jack Johnson, the EP is both fresh and infectious.

C WIRED Releases Debut EP ‘Omega’ Proving That Sometimes An Ending Can Be A New Beginning

Chuck Whyard has lived a lifetime already – he’s an entrepreneur who’s seen his fortunes go from multi-millions to broke and back to millions again – as well as being a father of four, and a grandfather of four more.

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