A Review Of The Motorhead Online Slot Game

Worldwide, the slot machine world is enjoying more growth than ever. Players from across the planet are heading online to enjoy some of the top ranking games of all.

The Most Famous Gambling Songs

Humans tend to make art about the things they enjoy, and throughout the ages, gambling has been a topic of much artistic focus because it’s one of humanity’s oldest vices. From Cezanne to Caravaggio, countless greats have portrayed rolling the dice or betting on cards. Modernity’s music is by no means above focusing on the flick of the dealer’s wrist, and there are thousands of songs that portray gambling, the highs, and the lows. Here are the most famous for you to enjoy as you join their ranks.

Online Slots Hitting The Right Note For Rock Music Fans

Amongst the most popular games you’ll find at any online casino, slots often boast the biggest variety in themes and styles, all of which are aimed at appealing to the varied tastes of their audiences.

The Pop Culture Of iGaming – Music, Movies And More

Since its inception, the popularity of iGaming kept on increasing constantly. More people than ever before decide to pursue this lifestyle, contributing to its increasing references in pop culture. Nowadays, gambling is a big part of our culture, and you can find it everywhere, from music to movies and even video games. We’ll take a look at the pop culture presence of it, in this article.

THIS IS THE POPS – Daniel Ash On His Return To Live Performance With Poptone, Plans for New Material And HIs Enduring Love For The Three-And-A-Half Minute Hit Single

Funny, open and engaging, Daniel Ash is not quite what you might expect from the man behind some of the darkest and most experimental music of…

DOCTOR BEAT – Punk Icon Rat Scabies on The Damned, Drumming And His ‘Indulgent’ Debut Solo Album ‘PHD’

More than 40 years after The Damned lit the blue touch paper for the punk rock revolution, original drummer Rat Scabies is busier than…

Foo Fighters’ ‘Concrete And Gold’ Shows There Are Still Superheroes

Foo Fighters’ previous album, ‘Sonic Highways’ was released in 2014, so fans and critics alike have been awaiting ‘Concrete And Gold’ with bated breath and perhaps a little trepidation. Their patience has been rewarded, with an album which front man Dave Grohl has described as, “Motörhead’s version of Sergeant Pepper”.

Triple Goddess – ‘Born to Raise Hell’

Southern New Jersey quartet Triple Goddess released their new single, ‘Born To Raise Hell’ earlier this year, on Rockhead Records. The track follows on from their debut EP, ‘Pure Power’, released in July last year.

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