Megan O’Neill Releases New Album, ‘Getting Comfortable With Uncertainty’ 

Almost a year to the day after Megan released ‘Devil You Know’, a single I described as a game changer for her, I have been looking forward to the release of her second full length album. Since then, she has released many of the tracks featured on the new album, all to critical acclaim.

Covers, Reinventing The Music, And The Rule of Wesley

Steve Holley examines what makes the perfect cover, and the Rule Of Wesley.

Megan O’Neill Set To Release New Single ‘Devil You Know’

Every singer, whatever the quality of their catalogue, has a single that takes them into a different place, away from the legions of loyal fans that will adoringly turn up to every gig, away from the followers that hang on every social media post.

Irish Songstress Megan O’Neill Releases New Single ‘Rootless’ October 25

Megan O’Neill has a new single and there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

Megan O’Neill Speaks To Steve Holley At the Long Road Festival

Steve Holley spoke to Irish singer songwriter Megan O’Neill at the Long Road Country Music Festival.

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