CHAOS THEORY – Guitar Supremo Michael Ciravolo On Beauty In Chaos – The All Star Musical Collaboration Which Spawned ‘Finding Beauty In Chaos’ And New Re-Mix Album ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’

Born of frustration at the lack of space his guitar parts were getting on the last Human Drama record, Michael Ciravolo‘s Beauty In Chaos started as a solo project, but quickly developed into an all star collaboration. Egged on by producer Michael Rozon, whom he credits with stitching the debut album together, Ciravolo began raiding his enviable contacts book for contributors to flesh out the dark soundscapes he was creating on guitar. First on board were Robin Zander, of Cheap Trick, and Ministry frontman Al Jourgenson and they were […]

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Based in Los Angeles, N8 has just released his latest single, ‘Lush’, the follow-up to his critically acclaimed self-titled EP. The single was released on December 14.

The track is a club banger, and combines elements of house, trap, and disco, making it the ultimate dance track. The song reflects N8s burgeoning interest in UK music, seeing him encorporate elements of Garage as well as taking in an overall pop vibe.
‘Lush’ does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s all about big, phat, funky sounds, strong instrumentals, and immersive experimental elements. A super hooky track, it’s uplifiting lyrically as well as sonically, with a song about living your life to the fullest.
Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, N8 moved to LA a year ago, to further his musical dreams. The artist has always been immersed in music, and counts among his inspirations diverse artists such as Prince, Bjork, Arca, Sophie, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, and McCoy Tyner, as well as the sounds of classic house and UK guitar music.
It was however his discovery of the music of Aphex Twin, as well as the innovative sounds of the dubstep movement in 2012-2014 which paved the way for N8s sound. He’s thrown himself into his music, and although he was working full time as well as studying, he found an outlet by handling every aspect of his work: lyrics, melodies, instrumentals, and post production are all by N8 himself.
‘Lush’ is available on all major digital platforms. You can find out more about N8 online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
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N8 Releases Latest Single ‘Lush’

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