Debut Album Launch Proves Kris James To Be One To Watch For In 2022

Kris James took to the stage at the Liverpool Hope Street Hotel last Wednesday evening to give the biggest performance of his career thus far – the one which would officially see his debut album, the self-titled Kris James, triumphantly into the world.

Kris James Is Returning…

5th November, people. Kris James is returning, and this time it’s with a full-length album.

Kris James Unleashes ‘Nine Lives’, An Honest Depiction Of A Relationship Turning Sour

Kris James has unleashed his latest pop banger into the world. A tune which sees him take on the mantle of tropical-house pop legend, ‘Nine Lives’ is an honest depiction of a relationship turning sour which sees him at the top of his lyrical game.

Kris James’ ‘Naive’ Hits The Top 10!

This past week has seen yet another Kris James tune climb its way up the charts. The latest single by Kris James, ‘Naive’, has recently sneaked its way into the Music Week top 10.

Kris James’ ‘Naive’ Is Finally Out!

Kris James’ ‘Naive’ is finally out!

Kris James Teases Us With Snippets From Forthcoming Single, ‘Naive’

Kris James teases us with some snippets from forthcoming single, ‘Naive’. Something to look forward to after lockdown!

Kris James Is Back With A Tale To Tell… ‘Naïve’

Back with his first song since ‘Get Back to Love’ earned him a spot on a Times Square Billboard, Kris James is back with a tale about the ups and downs of working in show business – ‘Naïve’.

Exclusive Interview With Kris James As He Gears Up To Release ‘Naive’

Fresh off the back of ‘Get Back to Love’, Kris James is now working his way towards releasing his next track, ‘Naive’ – we caught up with him to find out what he’s been up to in quarantine!

As ‘Get Back to Love’ dominates the airwaves, Kris James has another surprise up his sleeve… 

Not content with the inescapably catchy beats of ‘Get Back to Love’ dominating the airwaves, Kris James is now providing us with some eye candy in the form of a stunning Times Square Billboard – every musician’s dream!

Dan Says – Week Twenty One

Dan’s had a really nice week actually…

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