Interview with Singer/Songwriter Sheyda

Josh Taerk got to sit down with Sheyda and talk about her journey leading up to the release of her brand new single “Lungs”.

Katie Kittermaster Talks To EP As She Announces Her Work With Charity My Black Dog, And Hints At A Brilliant New Pre-Christmas Release We Should All Get Behind.

I hope you take the time to read what Katie Kittermaster has to say and maybe help her support this amazing charity. Enjoy the interview and if you feel that you need to chat with someone you can find My Black Dog at If you’d like to find out more about Katie, her music is available on all major streaming services.

Marineris Talks With EP About His New Album, What Inspires Him And Where He Got His Name.

Coming from Ukraine and already garnering critical approval from The Independent and Headliner magazine, Alex, the 23-year-old behind Marineris, has really managed to take his inspiration from his beginnings in an industrial town in Ukraine to something that is globally applicable. After all, at the moment in the throes of a global pandemic, we all suddenly find ourselves in the same predicament.

Sound Of Silence: Quiet Like A Thief Speak About New Single ‘Travel In Time’ And EP ‘Through The Looking Glass’

Quiet Like A Thief is a high energy pop-punk band, coming from Boston and Long Island. Started by Alex Kouvaris and Ryan Sweeney over their shared love of music, right from the start they’ve took their inspiration from the bands that each loved most, and their own experiences and insights. Two became five when they were joined by Nick Lopardo, Mike Marziliano, and Dan Marchelewski, and the band’s friendship is what truly drives them.

Sofia Lafuente Releases Her Highly Anticipated New Single, ‘Good Intentions’, And Chats To EP About What Inspires Her.

Sofia Lafuente’s name translates as ‘the fountain’ and it seems that she’s at a point in her artistic life where her music is flowing in a very powerful way. Out on all platforms, her stunning new single ‘Good Intentions’ is certainly more introspective than her debut EP ‘Control’. It marks a new direction sonically for this talented multi-faceted artist as she sings in her native Spanish for the first time and this track really does serve to illustrate her ability to tell a story and bring it to life in a dramatically relatable way.

HYYTS Hit Us With All The Answers Ahead Of Their Tour With Griff

HYYTS are currently supporting English singer Griff on tour. You can find out more information on HYYTS’ official website. Lisa took the opportunity to have a chat with them during their downtime.

US Pop Sensation Nadine Releases New Single ‘Missed Call’ Today And Chatted With EP.

Nadine Bloch, known professionally as Nadine, is set to release her third single today. ‘Missed Call’ follows on from the excellent ‘My Way’ and ‘Three’ which both showcase the diversity and quality of this artist. Having graduated from the prestigious popular music program at USC, where she added to her already outstanding natural ability developed from the age of 5 in musical theatre, Nadine has hit the ground running with the high quality of her output. ‘Missed Call’ is a further development along the path of musical female empowerment; it’s very clear that Nadine self-empowers with her lyricism as she writes very definitely from the perspective of a young modern woman, but the music is also hugely empowering to the listener whatever the age or gender.

Jen Fodor Releases New Song, ‘Saturday’, Featuring Vocals By Sara Beth Go And Lisa Asks Her About Her Life, Music, And Other Creative Ventures

Michigan native Jen Fodor threw caution to the wind, and packed up her life and moved to Los Angeles, to follow her dreams. The City of Angels is well known for taking young hopefuls and spitting them out the other side, but thankfully Jen is made of sterner stuff, and her immense creative vision and drive has seen her take on just about every role you can think of in the entertainment industry.

Rich Chambers Speaks To Us About Latest Single ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’ And Upcoming Track ‘I Wonder’, Set For Release November 29

Following on from our review of Rich Chambers’ single, ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’, Lisa took the opportunity to speak to Rich and ask him about his life, his music, and his upcoming single, ‘I Wonder’.

mags Releases Her Wonderful EP ‘Happimess’ Today And We Get To Talk With Her About It.

There is alchemy afoot at the moment in Denmark. Pure pop gold seems to be streaming out of the place and the latest brilliant EP to come out today is ‘Happimess’ from an artist called mags.

Katelyn Tarver Chats About Last Single ‘Nicer’ And Announces New Single Release ‘Hurt Like That’ Out On October 21 Before Album ‘Subject to Change’ Drops In November.

Katelyn Tarver has a new song out next week but I was lucky enough to get the chance to chat with her about her last release, ‘Nicer’, a song that reflects on the people pleasing tendencies that we all have sometimes and which has become almost an epidemic of non-confrontation leading us to bottle up all that angst.

Callie Twisselman Drops New EP ‘Closure’, And Has Her Music Featured In A Netflix Series.

Growing up on a seventh-generation family-owned grain and cattle ranch in California, singer/songwriter Callie Twisselman’s roots are about as country as it gets, and she had her sights set on being an entertainer well before she even picked up a guitar.

Hands Up: Irish Band N.O.A.H Talk About Their Music, Performing, And Their New EP, ‘Echoes Of The Night’, Out Today October 1

The Covid-19 pandemic is still going, but thankfully things are starting to open up, and when it was announced that fully vaccinated people from the UK were able to travel to Ireland, I leapt at the chance, and booked some interviews to go ahead while I was over. One interview was with N.O.A.H, a trio from County Meath, who really only came together during the Covid crisis, and now, as we reach a new, “do-able” normal, are poised on the precipice of something big, at exactly the right time.

Charles on TV: Photo Credit Charlie Szur

Charles on TV Today Releases The Outstanding EP ‘Truth & Lies’ With Lead Single ‘Lately’

Charles on TV says of ‘Lately’: “‘Lately’ is a f*ck you song. It’s an anthem for the nice folk who’ve been brought up to keep wrath tamed and turn the other cheek. A song for those of us trained to passively aggress because we don’t know how else to release frustration. It’s an upbeat tune mimicking the smiles we wear when, inside, we’re angry”.

Kovic - Photo Credit Nathanael Tomaschek

Kovic Interview; Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit Of All Things Music

Kovic, a.k.a Mark Konstantinovic, is a U.K. based singer, songwriter, and performer. Kovic’s career started with him traveling constantly from London to Brighton playing every open mic night he could, working his craft, his showmanship, and his songwriting with every new audience he found himself in front of. After years of building his reputation brick by brick, he released his debut album ‘Running Underwater’. The album saw an incredible 40 million streams on Spotify. Opting to stay independent, Kovic turned down a major label contract and in 2019 found his song ‘Drown’ featured in that year’s FIFA video game, followed up by a performance at the Royal Albert Hall for BBC Radio 1. Gearing up to release his latest album, I had the chance to sit down and chat with Kovic about life, liberty, and the pursuit of all things music.

Exclusive First Listen Of R.I.Pablo’s Debut EP, ‘Bug Lyf’

A little while ago, I got to hear the latest single from R.I.Pablo, singer/writer/producer and member of the Manchester writing collective, The Six, known worldwide for developing some of the catchiest pop melodies around. It’s always exciting seeing creative people do what they do best, and in the case of R.I.Pablo I was looking forward to hearing what the follow up to “Sunday Morning Boy” would be (Read my review of R.I.Pablo’s “Sunday Morning Boy” here: With the release of his first EP Bug Lyf coming out September 29th, I had the pleasure of catching up with Pablo, chatting about the inspiration behind the EP, and got an exclusive listen to Bug Lyf that I’m now passing along to y’all.

Mischa Comes Out Fighting – We Speak To The Canadian Hip-Hop Artist About Her Latest Single, ‘G2G’

If you’re going to be a success in the rap world, you’re going to have to be a fighter. More so if you’re a female rapper, and even more so if you’re one from Ottawa, Canada. Just as well Mischa knows exactly where to lay her punches, because she fits into every single one of those categories. The Canadian hip hop artist has dropped her most recent single, ‘G2G’, accompanied by a music video which sees her spitting bars in the middle of a boxing ring. Lisa got a chance to speak about her latest release.

Cool Set Talk To Us About Their New Single, ‘Summer Retro’, Their Post Pandemic Plans, And Their Inspirations

Cool Set’s debut single, ‘Summer Retro’, has taken about a year to complete, thanks to Covid. The summery, electronic-pop track serves as a great introduction to the pair and their sound, and comes with a gorgeous music video, shot in and around Los Angeles, and taking in the sights that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s visited the City Of Angels.

Ethan Gold Shares About New Single ‘Pretty Girls’, His Future Plans, And Tells Us His Answer To Our Favourite Question

The laid back chill vibes of Ethan Gold’s latest single, ‘Pretty Girls’ has a mix of 60s rhythms and bossa nova vibes. Even so, the modern production values give the track a crispness that’s impossible to be captured on the 3 and 4 track recording systems so prevalent in that era.

Don McLean Chats With Essentially Pop About The ‘American Pie’ 50th Anniversary Tour Next Year With Tickets On General Sale Today. He Talks About The Power Of Production, The Story Behind The Song, And Co-Writing With Drake!

We were honoured that Steve Holley had the chance to chat with the living legend that is Don McLean and we hope you enjoy his candid responses to Steve’s questions.

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