The Rising Release New Single 23rd July & Major Festival Appearance

Ahead of the release of their new EP, ‘No Hope Without Love’, song-writing and production duo The Rising will release their new single, ‘Break The Chains’, on July 23.

The Shires, Our Number One Country Act, Play Live This Weekend In An Exclusive Streamed Gig Via

The Shires are probably our most successful Country artists and just before lockdown last March, they released album number four ‘Good Years’ but had to put their tour on hold. The tour has been put back to 2022 but they are going to treat their fans, and hopefully some new fans, to an exclusive live gig to be streamed on Saturday, April 10th via Stabal. You can find out more here.

Friday 13th Can’t Be Considered Unlucky As Chris Stapleton Releases New Album ‘Starting Over’

Chris Stapleton is a five time Grammy winner, ten time CMA award and seven time ACM award winner. So to say that a new album from him is a Country music event is an understatement. In fact, such is the respect that this Kentucky born artist is held in across the board, this is quite simply a music event.

Liv Austen Releases New Single ‘Why Don’t You’, Tomorrow

This Friday, the super talented Liv Austen will release a song that I think is very important to her in so many ways because it is born of this love. ‘Why Don’t You’ is a song that tells us we should be as generous to ourselves as we are with the outside world. It is a song that on first hearing sounds like advice but on repeated listening evolves into a mission statement from the singer to herself.

Out Today – The Debut Solo EP From Andrew Farriss, ‘Love Makes The World’

If you’re an Australian of a certain age (ie. me), and you hear the name Andrew Farriss, your ears immediately prick up. The acclaimed singer songwriter has long been synonymous with Aussie rock legends INXS, for whom he was not just a founding member, but also the keyboardist, guitarist and main composer.

Premiere: On The Outside Ask ‘Why Me’ With New Video For Latest Single

The last time we’d heard On The Outside was back in July last year, when they covered the Jedward song, ‘How Did You Know’, which appeared on the Irish duo’s 2012 album, ‘Young Love’. Now On The Outside return with their new single, ‘Why Me’, out 12 June.

Pop Singer Tova Glyt Releases Debut EP ‘Head Back’

21 year old Swedish singer/songwriter Tova Glyt has released her debut EP, ‘Head Back’. The title song is the lead single from the six track record.

Jordan Rome Releases Country Punk 7″ – With A Celtic Twist

Jordan Rome, from Hays, Kansas, grew up without any idea of a social or music scene, and consequently when it came to making music, he didn’t know he should “choose” between different styles. This isn’t of course, a bad thing, as it’s meant that he was able to pick and choose his sounds from a wide variety of genres, the result making his music a fluid combination of country and western, punk, and folk.

INTERVIEW – Bryan Lanning Chats About His New Single ‘Golden State of Mind’

Bryan Lanning is back on the scene with his incredible and touching new single ‘Golden State of Mind’. Definitely a track to add to your country playlist! The song can now be streamed on Spotify now.

Contemporary Country Artist Nathan Thomas Releases New Album With Visuals For Title Track, ‘Simpler Times’

Singer-songwriter Nathan Thomas is something of a rarity, in more than just one respect. A lifelong Nashville resident, he’s the son of an in-demand musician who played with acts as varied as bluegrass legend Del McCoury and future Country Music Hall of Fame member Barbara Mandrell. From shadowing his dad during local performances, to playing in bands in high school and now to the present-day, creating and performing music has been his passion. As a young man, there was music everywhere around him, but more importantly there has always been that spark inside of him to create and perform. With the release of his debut project, ‘Simpler Times’, the spark has become a bright, colourful inferno.

Twinnie Releases New Track ‘Chasing’ Ahead Of Debut Album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ Out Friday

Rising UK star Twinnie has released her captivating new track, ‘Chasing’, taken from her forthcoming debut album, ‘Hollywood Gypsy’, out on 17th April on BMG.

KZ Releases New Single ‘Barnyard Boogie’ ft Stony Murphy

Hip hop/country rap artist KZ dropped his most recent single ‘Barnyard Boogie’ last year. The track features Stony Murphy.

Kelsea Ballerini Releases New Track ‘hole in the bottle’ And Reveals Track List For ‘kelsea’

Two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum songstress Kelsea Ballerini has debuted new album track ‘hole in the bottle’, from her upcoming album ‘kelsea’, set for release March 20 through Black River Entertainment. The release of Kelsea’s new song follows on the heels of her ACM nomination for “Female Artist of the Year”.

Ruark – ‘When You Coming Home’

South Arkansas natives Ruark Inman and his band bring with their music a taste of their home state, with a primarily folk rock feel but flashes of just about every other genre as well. Latest single, ‘When You Coming Home’, is the title track of their debut album, set for release on 31 January, through Bird Drop.

Danny Griego and KP Fitz – ‘Twenty Two’

‘Twenty Two’ is essentially a pleading message to the people of the US military that they are loved and wanted in this world. Although the road of life may have been unforgiving and unjust, Griego and Fitz want veterans to know that their sacrifice has not gone unappreciated and that it should be the duty of all Americans to tell their brave few that they are here for them.

Our ‘Reflections’ On The New EP From Engelbert Humperdinck

Last year we reviewed Engelbert Humperdinck’s Christmas album, his first seasonal offering in 40 years; the previous year we reviewed ‘The Man I Want To Be’, and now, he’s back with a new EP, ‘Reflections’, out this Friday, 15 November.

Miami’s Stokoff Injects Fiery South American Passion Into Modern Country Song ‘Embrujo’

Stokoff’s writing and singing are filled with a contagious emotion; carving for himself a unique niche in the country music genre. Singing in Spanish, he makes it seem as though it was designed for American Country, just like the lovers in his single, ‘Embrujo’.

Irish Singer Songwriter Klara McDonnell Releases Country Pop Single ‘Dusty Glitter’, Follow Up To ‘Sinking Unknowing’ And ‘Wasted’

Klara McDonnell would probably wear more hats than anyone else in Ireland – not just figuratively, but literally too. Klara lives for art, and soaks up inspiration everywhere she goes, putting it into her music. New single, ‘Dusty Glitter’, is a shuffling country romp, with production provided by frequent collaborators, Beardfire Music Production Studio.

Irish Songstress Megan O’Neill Releases New Single ‘Rootless’ October 25

Megan O’Neill has a new single and there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

Nya Releases New EP, ‘Hold On’

NYAs third EP, ‘Hold On’, pulls no punches as she launches into the four tracks with her sublime vocals dipping in and out of…

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