Out Today – The Debut Solo EP From Andrew Farriss, ‘Love Makes The World’

If you’re an Australian of a certain age (ie. me), and you hear the name Andrew Farriss, your ears immediately prick up. The acclaimed singer songwriter has long been synonymous with Aussie rock legends INXS, for whom he was not just a founding member, but also the keyboardist, guitarist and main composer.

It’s All ‘Said And Done’ With New Single From Irish Band Wild Wonder

With a sound that falls somewhere between Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift, Irish band Wild Wonder are straight out of the gate with new single, ‘Said And Done’. Be warned that the song, which has classic pop bones set against strong vocals and gorgeous instrumentation, will have you humming the extremely catchy chorus all day – and then some.

Kelsea Ballerini Releases New Track ‘hole in the bottle’ And Reveals Track List For ‘kelsea’

Two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum songstress Kelsea Ballerini has debuted new album track ‘hole in the bottle’, from her upcoming album ‘kelsea’, set for release March 20 through Black River Entertainment. The release of Kelsea’s new song follows on the heels of her ACM nomination for “Female Artist of the Year”.

Mount Hudson – ‘Lakeside Water’

Indie music project Mount Hudson takes the acoustic traditions of American folk and imbues it with modern pop sensibilities. The brainchild of Brooklyn New York artist Dave Yim, who plays acoustic guitar and provides vocals, ‘Lakeside Water’ sees him joined by a cast of seeming thousands, including Marcus Bagala (mandolin, electric guitar), Rob Heath (drums), Andrew Miramonti (organ), and Claire Wellin on violin.

Kesha Takes The ‘High Road’ With New Album And Continues On Grrrl Power Journey Started In ‘Rainbow’

Kesha returns today with ‘High Road’, her latest studio album and the follow up to her 2017 smash, ‘Rainbow’.

Tex Moonlight Delivers Neo-Folk Vibes On ‘Roll You Up’

Growing up in Baltimore, but now based in the South Bay area of LA, singer songwriter Tex Moonlight fuses together Americana and Electronica, creating a sound he’s dubbed, “Americonica”. His latest single, ‘Roll You Up’, is the lead track on his debut album, ‘Moonshot’, which he released on November 15 last year.

Ruark – ‘When You Coming Home’

South Arkansas natives Ruark Inman and his band bring with their music a taste of their home state, with a primarily folk rock feel but flashes of just about every other genre as well. Latest single, ‘When You Coming Home’, is the title track of their debut album, set for release on 31 January, through Bird Drop.

Girl Goin’ For A Grammy, Ashley McBryde And Her Amazing Grammy Nominated song

It’s not every day that you hear about an artist being signed to a major record label at the age of 36 years old, especially in the modern country music landscape. It’s also not every day that you hear that artist is nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Song, with her first major-label release. However, not every artist is Ashley McBryde. Combining the classic country sounds and instrumentation of 90s country music, with honest, heartfelt vocal performances, McBryde is distinguishing herself from the pack and carving out her own place in modern country music.

Ida Mae Nominated For Americana Music UK ‘Album of the Year’ And Announce Show 2020 At Bush Hall

Ida Mae are in the middle of their headline US tour, and have announced they will play at London’s Bush Hall, on 22 April…

Miami’s Stokoff Injects Fiery South American Passion Into Modern Country Song ‘Embrujo’

Stokoff’s writing and singing are filled with a contagious emotion; carving for himself a unique niche in the country music genre. Singing in Spanish, he makes it seem as though it was designed for American Country, just like the lovers in his single, ‘Embrujo’.

Irish Songstress Megan O’Neill Releases New Single ‘Rootless’ October 25

Megan O’Neill has a new single and there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

Diesel Park West – ‘Scared Of Time’

There’s something ironic in the fact that Leicester’s Diesel Park West have named their latest single, ‘Scared Of Time’. The band formed in 1980, and their debut album, ‘Shakespeare Alabama’, was released in 1989. Their ninth studio album, ‘Let It Melt’, from which comes ‘Scared Of Time’, came out on September 13 this year.

Tender, Real, And Ethereal – The Luck’s New Album Is ‘Ready To Run’

Releasing their full length debut album ‘Ready To Run’ on July 26th, sibling duo The Luck’s forthcoming offering showcases their propensity to create tracks from rousing country ballads to inspirational Americana Pop hits.

Nicholas Altobelli – ‘Odd Numbers’

We wrote about Nicholas Altobelli the other day, with his release, ‘Red, White And Blues’. Now here’s a second song from his ‘Vertigo’ album (out 2 August), the haunting Americana track, ‘Odd Numbers’.

Nicholas Altobelli – ‘Red, White, And Blues’

With a chorus that makes us think of what could be, if only we found a way of coming together, Nicholas Altobelli’s new single, ‘Red, White, And Blues’ is out today. It’s the new single from his ‘Vertigo’ LP, which is set for release on August 2.

See Ya Later – We Chat With Katy Hurt At The Cornbury Festival

Katy Hurt is still in her very early 20s and yet she’s got her life and career set out before her like a map. We caught up with Katy at this weekend’s Cornbury Music Festival, in Oxfordshire.

Nocturnal Blonde – Are Not Drowning But Waving With New Album, ‘Still Gushing’

Nocturnal Blonde, from Athens, Georgia, are a band with a purpose. Their album, ‘Still Gushing’, is set for release on August 23.

Robert O’Connor – ‘Real Good Fight’

Robert O’Connor is back, with his new single ‘Real Good Fight’, which was released worldwide on the 31stMay.

Fateful Mistake Takes Americana Singer-Songwriter Dominic Rowley on Journey with Legendary Producer

Singer-songwriter Dominic Rowley releases brand new single ‘Song for You’ produced by Mike Cave.

Wild Wing Takes A Languid Look At ‘New Futures’ With Fourth Album

Los Angeles band Wild Wing is the coming together of four lifelong friends, originally from the San Fernando Valley. The quartet blend together a variety of genres, including but not limited to country, synth-punk, and garage rock, with their lyrics peppered with political satire. Their fourth release, ‘New Futures’, is set to come out on June 21. We preview the track ‘Me ‘n Mine’.

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