CALL OF THE WILD – Kristin Hersh Dices With Death On Solo Double Album Wyatt At The Coyote Palace

A dream-like and at times nightmarish ride, Kristin Hersh’s new album is an extraordinarily multi-layered work that’s tough to de-code. It’s a wilfully oblique mosaic of half-realised memories of past events and emotions. Five years in the making, it’s a solo effort in every sense, with Hersh not only writing the songs, but playing all the instruments and supplying the eerie field recordings that…
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WOLF MOTHER – Kristin Hersh On Songwriting, 4AD And New Double Album Wyatt At The Coyote Palace

Thirty years on from the release of the first Throwing Muses EP Chains Changed Kristin Hersh is showing no signs of slowing down. Just six months after the release of the Bath White mini-album with power trio 50FOOTWAVE, she’s back with a new solo 24-truck double CD on which she plays all the instruments. Inspired by her autistic son’s fascination with the coyotes that hung around…
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Tracy Irve Release New Single ‘Town’

Alternative electronic pop/R&B duo from Gothenburg Sweden, Tracy Irve, release their latest single, ‘Town’, a groove heavy ambient style track with brilliantly pieced guitar, samples, and a chillingly smooth vocal.  The single has an incredible ability to be catchy with the R&B heavy beat yet remains mysterious and unearthly with it’s non-pop styled instrumentation and ghostly beautiful vocals. The driving…
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