The Essential Advent Calendar: December 1

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 1 – Sarah Reeves Rings In The Season With ‘More The Merrier’

Sarah Reeves has been a recording artist since her teenage years, but it’s 2021 which has seen her fulfil a long time dream of releasing a Christmas album.


Celebrated international Irish artist Ronan Keating has defined more than two decades of pop music. Now he has hand-picked twelve songs of his homeland that he was born to sing.

Diana Ross Is Grateful To God, Her Fans, Her Friends, And Family In New Album, ‘Thank You’

‘Thank You’ is the new album from Diana Ross. 13 tracks in a variety of musical styles, it’s got something for probably everyone in it, and it’s very easy to lose yourself in the music.

Marineris Talks With EP About His New Album, What Inspires Him And Where He Got His Name.

Coming from Ukraine and already garnering critical approval from The Independent and Headliner magazine, Alex, the 23-year-old behind Marineris, has really managed to take his inspiration from his beginnings in an industrial town in Ukraine to something that is globally applicable. After all, at the moment in the throes of a global pandemic, we all suddenly find ourselves in the same predicament.

Sweet Like Candy: Peppermint Heaven Release Eponymous New Album Today

Released through Megahit Records, ‘Peppermint Heaven’ is the much-awaited long player from the Los Angeles based duo of the same name.

Nicki Nicole Releases ‘Parte De Mi’, An Album That Will Make You Rethink The Way You Consume Music

One of my favourite artists is Zucchero and I understand virtually no Italian but love the songs. To stop listening to the words is like losing one of our senses in that it heightens the others; suddenly we are not listening to the words but to the emotion, the tone of the voice, the way the words are delivered. This could not be more apparent than in today’s release from Latin sensation Nicki Nicole.

Mild Horses – ‘Ignorance to Enlightenment and Back Again’

Mild Horses, the newish incarnation of Matthew Leuw (Crest, Coin-op, 2 Hot 2 Sweat), blends dream pop guitar, synths and electronics to create his brand new 8 track album ‘Ignorance to Enlightenment and Back Again’.

Hans Zimmer Proves That For The Bond Soundtrack Genre This Is ‘No Time To Die’

There are few movie franchises that have created a whole music genre by themselves but this is exactly what the Bond movies have achieved.

‘Progress’ Is The New Album From Genre-Fluid Project MASS!VE DYNAM!C

No matter what style of music you’re into, ‘Progress’, the new album from UK artist MASS!VE DYNAM!C has something for you.

Bone Architecture banner

CRAZY DIAMONDS – Inca Babies’ Harry Stafford Covers Pink Floyd On New ‘Bone Architecture’ Album Collaboration With Marco Butcher

Cut from the same jagged cloth as The Birthday Party and trash rockers The Cramps – Bone Architecture is a rambunctious new collaboration between…

Magnum Dopus Drops New LP ‘Suburbanova’

Released on August 20, ‘Suburbanova’ is the new album from Memphis Tennessee-based quintet, Magnum Dopus.

Album Review: NEEDTOBREETHE Dig Deep With ‘Into The Mystery’

NEEDTOBREATHE returns with their eighth studio album, ‘Into The Mystery’, following up on 2020’s ‘Out of Body.’ Covid restrictions have put their tour on hold over the past year, so the band took refuge at an old historic house near Columbia, Tennessee. In the autumn of 2020, they lived, ate, joked, and recorded together for three weeks. The outcome is an electrifying album that captures the band’s South Carolina heritage.

Tunes For The Summertime: D:Ream returns with OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS

Our favourite cheeky chaps are back with their first new music in over a decade. That’s right, UK House Music legends D:Ream return with OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS, just in time for the openings scheduled for this summer.

Aliette Goodman Releases Latest Album ‘Do The Needful’

Brighton-based artist Aliette Goodman has dropped her second album, ‘Do The Needful’, the first to be released on her new label, Goodman Records.

J Releases Latest Album ‘Lord J (The Lord of Anonymity)’

J is a songwriter, published author, and the planet’s first and only mystic to become an international pop-star. Keeping his identity a secret, he was given the nickname, “The Lord of Anonymity” by a fan in LA. It seemed to be a very fitting title for his new album, which is out now.

Alberto Tarin Releases Latest Album, ‘Lovers Room’

Alberto Tarin is a Spanish guitarist whose soulful music is warm and bright, and the perfect showcase for his immense talent. His new album, ‘Lovers Room’, comprises 12 gorgeous tracks, giving the Valencian artist the opportunity to also show off his skill as a vocalist; it also features a range of guest artists, including Fred Reiter, Frankie McCoy, Diana de Ramón, and Payoh Soul Rebel.

D:Ream returns with ‘Meet Me At Midnight’

Don’t tell anyone, but it’s been almost 30 years since ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ belted it to the top of the charts, and catapulted D:Ream into the hearts and minds of dance/house/general music lovers everywhere. Tony Blair also took a shine to it, we seem to remember. 

Texas Release 10th Album, ‘Hi’ And Lead Off With Brilliant Single That Might Just Be The Summer Anthem

It’s hard to believe that this band, Texas, are actually best known in France. They seem to have been so much part of the tapestry of UK music since ‘I Don’t Want a Lover’ dropped in 1989 on the brilliant debut ‘Southside’. Now, 33 years later they have released an album which is quite literally genre defying. It has songs that quite simply span every kind of music.

Cade Earick Releases Latest Album ‘The Lives And Stipulations Of The Weakened’

From Plymouth, New Hampshire, Cade Earick is a singer songwriter and musician whose latest album, ‘The Lives And Stipulations Of The Weakened’, is a glorious sonic bath of pleasure and emotions. Released on May 21, it was recorded as a concept album/pop opera over the Covid-19 quarantine period.

90s Fever: D:Ream Returns With ‘Meet Me At Midnight’

It feels like we’ve been waiting for years to return to the D:Ream world, but the wait is over as one of the biggest dance bands of the 90s return with a killer album and a hot new single with a slick sing-along video to go with it.

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