INSTANT LAMA – Cocteau Twins Multi-Instrumentalist Robin Guthrie Re-Mixes New Ummagma Release

Canadian-Ukrainian space pop duo Ummagma have unveiled the new video for their collaboration with Cocteau Twins co-founder Robin Guthrie. Taken from their forthcoming LCD EP, Lama, features Guthrie’s […]

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CRACKED MIRROR – Black Needle Noise Maestro John Fryer On His New Album Lost In Reflections

Credited with creating the distinctive gauzy, ethereal sound of the 4AD label, John Fryer is the true godfather of dark wave music. As a producer […]

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WOLF MOTHER – Kristin Hersh On Songwriting, 4AD And New Double Album Wyatt At The Coyote Palace

Thirty years on from the release of the first Throwing Muses EP Chains Changed Kristin Hersh is showing no signs of slowing down. Just six months after the […]

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LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE – A.R. Kane’s Rudy Sends A Message To You

Dreampop pioneers A.R. Kane are back with a vengeance with a string of UK and European gigs under their belt and the tantalising prospect of […]

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SURF'S UP - Kristin Hersh's 50FOOTWAVE Make A Splash With Bath White

SURF’S UP – 50FOOTWAVE Make A Splash With New Bath White EP

Throwing Muses offshoot 50FOOTWAVE are back with their first release in four years and it’s a real humdinger.

Louder, faster and heavier than you might expect, the Bath White EP packs more of a punch into its six-tracks than most artists manage on a double album.

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