Essentially Pop Meets Kitty Brucknell

Anyone who watched the eighth series of UK talent show, The X Factor, would have noticed Kitty Brucknell, the beautiful blonde diva, portrayed as a “novelty act”.

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The Hope We Had: New From twothirtytwo

twothirtytwo is a five piece band from Aldershot. “Home of the British Army” (at least according to Wikipedia), the Hampshire town is known for its statue of Wellington, its observatory, and the fact that actor Martin Freeman comes from there. Now we can add twothirtytwo to its list of local attractions.


John and Edward, in speaking to RTE1’s Derek Mooney today, announced their next single shall be “Ferocious”, with the release date of October 24 to coincide with their Dublin concert date. They also suggested they might have a CD signing on that day.

Essentially Pop Meets Tish Simmonds

At Essentially Pop we usually just cover music, but as our strap line is “plus a little bit more”, we figure we can stretch the remit a bit every so often.

U2’s $100 million deal with Apple

When it comes to the crunch, have they bitten off more than they can chew?

U2 surprised a lot of people last week when they announced that they had come to an arrangement with Apple to give a free copy of their new album, ‘Songs of Innocence’ free to every iTune user.

Anna Calvi to Support Morrissey

The beautiful Anna Calvi has been announced as the support act for Morrissey’s European tour, due to commence late November. She’s just been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize for her second album, ‘One Breath’.

Essentially Pop Talks to Lindsey Stirling

With an individual style that combines traditional violin and dubstep, Lindsey Stirling is one of a kind. Nominated for a Billboard and Teen Choice Award, Lindsey features on the new Jessie J album, Sweet Talker.

Introducing: Hall of the Elders

Hall of The Elders is an Electronic Hardcore outfit, hailing from Valdosta, Georgia.

One Direction: Is Album Four the Final?

Hot on the heels of Simon Cowell’s proclamation the other week that One Direction were about to split (and his subsequent backpedalling to dispell…

No Way Is It Getting Boring!

It’s week 2 of the X Factor and I settled down in front of the TV with another bottle of wine to watch the…

The New Jedward? What’s Wrong with the Old One? (Part 2)

Another week of the X Factor, and another act with whom comparisons were made to John and Edward. This time it was identical twins,…

Tragic Death of Simone Battle

Reports are mixed about the death of Simone Battle, member of G.R.L. Battle was found in her Los Angeles home earlier today. Her cause…

Leona Lewis Reaches Out to Fans

XFactor winner Leona Lewis has written an open letter to her fans explaining her reasons for stepping away from Syco and Sony Music. In…

The New Jedward? What’s Wrong with the Old One?

No doubt you’ll have seen and heard all the XFactor hoo-ha about “Blonde Electric” being the new Jedward – with the girls going on…

Essentially Pop Talks to Andy Ruddy

Andy Ruddy is proof that you can take a man out of a northern town but you can’t take the northern town out of…

X Factor Deja Vu: We’ve Seen it Before!

Ok, I know I was excited. I know I made out the only thing anyone should be doing on a weekend night between now…

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