Essentially Pop Talks to Andy Ruddy

Andy Ruddy is proof that you can take a man out of a northern town but you can’t take the northern town out of…

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X Factor Deja Vu: We’ve Seen it Before!

Ok, I know I was excited. I know I made out the only thing anyone should be doing on a weekend night between now…

Jedward & Tara Collaborate Again?

Is Tara Reid going to be in BFF Jedward’s next music video? The Sharknado 2 actress got twitter all aflutter this morning when she…

It’s that time of year again……..

That’s right. X Factor 2014 will start airing on 30 August. Every year we say we’re not going to bother with it, but a…

One Direction: A New Direction?

Rumour has it that One Direction are in trouble. They are currently on tour in USA and seemingly Harry Styles is staying in a…

Morrissey Talks European Tour

Get your gladioli ready, Morrissey has announced a European tour…but there may be a hitch. Yes that’s right, the Manchester Moaner (okay we love…

The 50 Faces of Louis Walsh

It seems X Factor Judge, Louis Walsh has been upsetting Pop princess Cheryl again! This time Walsh, has caused offence to Cheryl, by telling…

Midfield Workhorse: Bunch of Damn Dogs

MIDFIELD WORKHORSE /ˈmɪd.fɪәld/ ˈwɜːkˌhɔːs/ (noun) 1. a player active in the midfield, as in soccer, often playing both offensively and defensively. usually possesses strong…

Ed Sheeran – Official Video for Don’t!

It’s here! The new video for Ed Sheeran‘s latest single, “Don’t” was dropped today at 3pm UK time. Ed tweeted after it that you…

Do Syngstreet Have The XFactor?

Have you heard of SyngStreet yet? Well if not, you might soon, if Linda Martin has any say in the matter!

Jedward Think Outside the Box

With John and Edward recently tweeting that they’re planning their annual summer holiday with best friend Tara Reid, we at Essentially Pop wonder if the Dublin Duo and their Sharknado 2 pal might have China on their mind?

Louis No King of the Kitchen

Don’t let Louis Walsh in your kitchen – that’s a handy word of advice from Westlife’s Brian McFadden, who invited the XFactor judge to participate in his new show, “Who’s Doing the Dishes”.

Win a Ticket to See Jedward in Dublin!

Remember we told you about Jedward’s amazing performance at Guilfest and how awesome they were (yes we love them)?

Essentially Pop Goes to Guilfest!

It was the highlight of the summer so far for Essentially Pop when we headed down to Guildford, Surrey to Guilfest.

Jedward Announce Irish Tour Dates!

The Royal Theatre Castlebar tweeted yesterday that John and Edward will be performing there on October 27, in a concert to promote their forthcoming…

Introducing: The Scintillas

Hailing from Epsom in the Surrey Downs, The Scintillas are a quartet you wouldn’t expect to find in leafy suburbia.

One Direction – or Every Direction?

With Niall Horan and Harry Styles both setting up companies under Irish accountant, Alan McEvoy, speculation is mounting that the You & I stars…

Jedward Release Free Spirit Video

The music video for Jedward’s latest single, Free Spirit has been released today – but not without a bit of drama first! Jedward fans…

Introducing: Midfield Workhorse

Named for their favourite footballers (“the no-flair, 110% for 90 minutes kinda guys”), Midfield Workhorse are anything but average.

Bobby Womack – Dead at 70

Legendary soul singer, Bobby Womack, has died, aged 70.

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