Jeremiah Fraites Of The Lumineers Chats With EP As He Releases His Debut Solo Record ‘Piano, Piano’, An Instrumental Record Of Such Beauty That It’s So Much More Than Just Music, It’s A Salve In These Troubled Times

Steve Holley speaks with The Lumineers’ co-founder, Jeremiah Fraites, about his music, and new album, ‘Piano, Piano’.

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Top Movie Soundtracks Ever Recorded

While the visual presentation of movies is undeniably important, it is arguably the soundtrack which does more to convey emotions, set the tone and make a film memorable.

To celebrate and single out the significant contribution made by cinematic soundtracks, here is a look at the finest examples ever to blast out around auditoriums worldwide.

Layabout Black Bass Player And Co-Creator Greg Price Talks With EP About The Creation Of A New Musical Genre Born In The Land Of Pirates

Greg Price is a man on a mission. Also known as Layabout, the vocalist and bass guitarist from South London is making music for a new generation. With co songwriter Pharaoh Black and vocalist Robyn a new genre is being created in a place steeped in the history of some of the most famous Pirates. Punk Reggae is a genre that takes the legacy of Jamaica’s rich history of trade and anarchy and unleashes it in musical form. Not trying to be anything old but with respect of the past, not trying to be something other than a new music for an ever changing world but forged in the culture of Jamaica but with a hint of South London swagger. I was lucky enough to chat to bassist and co creator of Layabout Black about this new adventure and found him to be knowledgeable, hopeful and creative. A polite savage making music to transport you to a different place. Enjoy.

Griffith Frank “You’ll Be There”

Griffith Frank is an acclaimed artist, and has also distinguished himself as a composer, writing songs for the likes of Kendall K, Annie Leblanc, and Jojo Siwa among others, with his compositions being collectively streamed more than a billion times. His knack for incredible melody, and adept lyricism are evident in everything he does, and no less so than in his new single, ‘You’ll Be There’.

Lesibu Grand – ‘Hot Glue Gun’

Lesibu Grand return with new single, ‘Hot Glue Gun’, the follow up to ‘WFS’.

Cokah – ‘Boom Boom Boom’ 

Let’s get back into the summer vibe with Brooklyn hip hop artist. Cokah, and her new single, ‘Boom Boom Boom’! There’s a sizzling video to go with it as well, which is guaranteed to heat up even the coldest of hearts.

Shadow Puppet Theatre – ‘SETIA’

SETIA Sky Residences, the forty storey apartment building stretches into the stratosphere in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysian rockers Shadow Puppet Theatre take us inside one of the flats, in their song named for the Residences, ‘SETIA’.

Leph Louie – ‘Motivated’

Although he’s left his mark all over the US, and starting his TTO (Travel Team Official) label in Denver, Colorado, Leph Louie now makes his home base in Tampa Florida. The rapper’s name is derived from his left-handedness, as well as his talent for coming out of left field – paired with a play on the name of Louis Vuitton, indicating that Leph Louie knows how to produce high quality. His new single, ‘Motivated’, is out now, along with a music video.

LOONY Unveils Sensual New Single ‘raw’ and Announces New Project ‘Soft Thing’

Last week, songstress LOONY released her brand-new single titled “raw.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

Pete Muller & The Kindred Souls – ‘For What It’s Worth’

Produced by Peter Katis, known for his work with Interpol, and The National, ‘For What It’s Worth’ is the first single to be released from ‘The Sound’ EP, by Pete Muller & The Kindred Souls.

Joyann Parker – ‘Carry On’

Joyann Parker is a great blues musician, and she uses her talent to express her own indomitable spirit, reinventing it to tell her own story. Her latest single, ‘Carry On’, is brilliantly sung by Parker, but it also serves as a showcase for her guitar playing, which is redolent of the Mississippi Delta, lyrical, fluid, and propulsive.

Jedward Make Valentine’s Day Even More Special With Valentine’s Cards!

Jedward are always coming up with another way to spoil their fans, and they really come into their own around the holidays. The duo, who made many of our Christmases last year with their personalised cards and videos (we even got one!), are certainly keeping up the pace this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Paul Jacks Channels The 80s With ‘Foolish Pride’ And ‘Big Lie’

Today sees the release of two new singles for Paul Jacks, following hot on the heels of his third solo album, ‘Black Jackal’. The dual single of ‘Foolish Pride’, and ‘Big Lie’, has Jacks teaming up with producer and mixing engineer, Alex Newport. The tracks are a part of Jacks’ singles series between albums, with his next dual release set for February 12. 

The Deathray Davies Are Winding Up, Not Slowing Down With New Single, ‘Oh Stars’

The Deathray Davies have today dropped their new single, ‘Oh Stars’, ahead of their new album, ‘Time Well Wasted’, which comes out on February 12.

Manny Monroig Releases Video For Latest Single ‘No Strings Attached’

Manny Monroig has been in the music business since the 90s, and you may well know him from his time with Brooklyn based boy band, Joyride, which later became known as Double Devotion. Now Manny is pursuing his solo career, and new single, ‘No Strings Attached’ – will hit you right in the feels – and make you laugh and dance as well!

Sam Wows With Latest Single ‘Someone New’

Los Angeles based singer songwriter Sam pulls on the heartstrings with her single, ‘Someone New’. With a rawness and honesty that’s rarely seen these days, the song was inspired by the frustration that comes from talking to someone new and it doesn’t work out. 

Elvis Costello Releases ‘Revolution #49 (Parlé)’ Featuring French Actress & Singer Isabelle Adjani

Today sees the release of ‘Revolution #49 (Parlé)’, a brand new French-language version of the Elvis Costello song from his album ‘Hey Clockface,’ featuring the voices of the French actress and singer Isabelle Adjani and Costello.

Reasons To Read: Top Tips and Titles To Get You Into Books

People are spending a lot more time at home these days. Whether it’s because of the rolling lockdowns due to coronavirus or because businesses have been hit pretty hard in recent years. As a result, there may be more time available for hobbies and downtime. Reading is a pretty popular hobby as it can be presented in multiple mediums, genres and formats. However, aspiring readers can sometimes find it quite hard to find their way in. Especially those who have never tried before. Here are some top tips and titles that can help you find your way into reading. Some may not apply as well as others, it all depends on your personality as well as how much time you have available, but they’ll certainly help you make the leap into a new hobby.

Emotional Depth On The Dancefloor: Vissia Returns With ‘On My Mind’

The latest artist to take to the disco sphere is Canadian alt-pop star, Vissia. ‘On My Mind’, released everywhere today, is the perfect example of a song you can dance to, which also makes you think.

Aladeen Alhayek Releases Debut Album ‘Blue Flame’

Palestinian-American singer-songwriter, Aladeen Alhyahek, takes his inspiration from Michael Jackson with is upbeat debut pop album, ‘Blue Flame’. Comprising seven tracks, the album, which has also been influenced by R&B, hip hop, KPop, and JPop, sees Aladeen singing and rapping, accompanied by a dance beat.

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