Xavier Toscano – ‘The Remedy (Feel Alright)’, ‘Made It Look Easy’ and ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) vs Vogue’

We’ve not heard from Xavier Toscano for a while, but like buses, three videos have come all at once! There is nothing the San Francisco native can’t do; he’s a master of all genres, and quickly adapts to the mood of the room, or the vibe of the people, whether it be an intimate gathering or a festival; he knows automatically how to speak to the heart of each person. Spicing his musical style with EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B, while imbuing it with a massive amount of pop energy, his sound is equally relevant in the club, the shopping centre, and on the soundtrack of a tv show.

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Jake Inzerra – ‘WHATCHUGOT’

Jake Inzerra strode out of the negative and toxic home environment in his native Connecticut, and sashayed his way to New York City on his six-inch-stilettos. Finding comfort, acceptance, and passion in local theatre production, the homophobic attacks of his school classmates were cast away like a forgotten memory. Jake isn’t just a singer or a songwriter, he’s a performer, who strives to please and entertain his audience, and he certainly does this with his new single and music video, ‘WHATCHUGOT’.

Nothing Compares To Jedward As They Speak To Stephen Dixon On Sky News Breakfast

If you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll probably not have noticed that Jedward have been in the news a lot. If it’s not for their music, and their incredible banger of an album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’, with their 22 self-written and produced songs, it’s for their astute political commentary on social media, and, more recently, the shaving of their trademark quiff hairstyles, in order to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.

Caesar’s Brain Child Releases Noir Video For Latest Single, ‘Paradise’

Out today 31 March, ‘Paradise’ is the first video from Caesar’s Brain Child’s debut album, ‘Caesar A.D.’ The clip is an homage to films such as ‘Sin City’, and is shot as film noir; the concept itself came to Caesar in a dream, with ‘Paradise’ an imagining of what it would be like to fly through the astral plane.

Junge Junge Collab With Moguai & Nathan Nicholson

Hold tight and tune into the latest piece of work that has landed on Universal Sweden. It’s the turn of production duo Junge Junge, who pool their talents against those of fellow German native Moguai and the singer Nathan Nicholson.

Maddie Medley Drops New Single ‘Wild Parts’

Maddie Medley has recently dropped her magnificent new single titled “Wild Parts.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms.

Katie Kittermaster Releases New Song ‘Friends’ As It Gathers Pace On TikTok

Nowadays, one of the most effective ways to get music into people’s world has become the hugely popular platform of TikTok and recently an artist we have covered and appreciated before, Katie Kittermaster, has seen a massive uptake of one of her songs ‘Friends’ on that platform. For that reason, Katie has given her audience what it wants by releasing the song across all of the streaming and download platforms last Friday.

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up: Jedward Shave Their Heads To Raise Money For Irish Cancer Society

Yes! You read it right! Jedward – the Irish twin superstars whose pompadour hairstyles have been a part of their image for as long as there’s been Jedward – just shy of 12 years – now more closely resemble Eminem or Justin Timberlake.

Kristina Murrell – ‘Got Me Dreaming’

Kristina Murrell has her stepfather to thank, for reaching out to music producer Sonny King, thus ensuring her talent wasn’t wasted. The R&B songstress relocated to the US in 2015 for school, from her hometown of Bridgetown Barbados, and this eventually served to get her a record deal with Music For Love International, and a production deal with Music By King Inc.

Elvis Costello Releases ‘La Face de Pendule à Couco’ EP – Six French Speaking Versions Of Tracks From ‘Hey Clockface’

The French Revolutions Continue: Elvis Costello’s La Face de Pendule à Coucou Is Out Now!

‘A Fortnite To Remember: Is Gaming the New Pop Music?

With the music industry being more fragmented than ever, youth culture has focused on an industry that is arguably more unified, the gaming industry. While 2020 was a year of uncertainty, the 12 months where we saw the coronavirus was also where video gaming became the pop culture phenomenon of all time, even overtaking music. But is this really the case? While only now we’ve seen prominent musicians connecting with their fans on a more personal level via social media, this something that gamers have been doing for a long time on platforms like Twitch. Why is gaming actually the new pop music? 

RoseeLu, The 19 Year Old Danish Newcomer With A New Single And A Big Future

At just 19 years old, RoseeLu seems to have a sound way beyond her years which encompasses the alternative sounds of the nineties with raw and very modern pop. Not only does it manage to merge and blur the lines between age and genre but it also manages to have the widescreen, big sound of a Bond theme and the introspective lyrics and contemplation of Billie Eilish. It is a song that very much examines and celebrates the fact that there is nothing wrong with playing alone and spending time on your own. It says that is ok not to feel the need to conform.

The Arc In Space Releases Latest Single, ‘Everybody Wants The Acid’

Taking inspiration from the Acid House style of the 1990s, ‘Everybody Wants The Acid’ is the new single from artist and producer, The Arc In Space. The artist pays homage to Daft Punk, and other pioneers in the 90s dance music scene, and was recorded in isolation while the The Arc In Space was dreaming about returning to the dancefloor, and rediscovering the fun after a year spent away from it.

CarolineRomano - Photo Credit Ford Fairchild

Caroline Romano – Finding Her Voice Through Music

The first thing that strikes you about Caroline Romano’s latest single, ‘Jagged Stars’, is her incredible vocal performance.

Camera2 – ‘Natalie’

The music video for NYC rock band Camera2’s latest single, ‘Natalie’, is as much a story in itself as a clip to accompany the song. Opening with a young boy riding his bicycle down a deserted country rode, there’s a deep sinister-ness about it all, despite his angelic face and the verdant forest. The boy drops his bike and runs into the forest, in such a sudden and deliberate moment that it’s immediately obvious that there’s something serious about to happen.

Alex Woodard – ‘Halfway’ 

Acclaimed singer songwriter Alex Woodard is as much at home with a pen in his hand as he is when he’s standing strumming behind a guitar. A storyteller at heart whose songs are right up there with Springsteen and Mellencamp, Woodard is also a published author, so when he reaches his limit lyrically, he’s able to step in with his books, with each reinforcing the other. His latest series of essays, ‘Living Halfway’, finds its musical equivalent in his song, ‘Halfway’, a fan favourite that the artist has been singing on tour for several years now. Paired with ‘Living Halfway’, the song takes on a deeper meaning.

Jedward Set To Shave Off Iconic Quiffs This Friday In Aid Of Irish Cancer Society

Irish musical duo, Jedward, comprising twins John and Edward Grimes, are known for their music, their two time tilt at the Eurovision trophy, and, in the past year, their elevated social activism on their Twitter account. But there’s one thing that stands out among all others, and is especially useful in describing them – their iconic quiff hairstyles, which at their tallest stood 12 inches, straight up.

Spring Is Here, And So We Ramp Up The Garden Adventures

Life…uh…finds a way. Out of nowhere it feels like winter has retreated to a seat out the back, and made room for spring to have its time in the spotlight. Sure, the weather isn’t super warm just yet, but if you’ve been following the weather forecast with any sort of focus (I have, because I am crocheting a “weather scarf” – more on that another time), you’ll definitely have noticed that the mornings aren’t quite so brisk, and the now sunlit evenings don’t also have that bone-chilling factor that makes you want to go back indoors pronto.

VR Vernon Rosser Releases Latest Single, ‘Let It Go’

Out now, ‘Let It Go’ is the latest single from dance artist, VR Vernon Rosser. Accompanied by a psychedelic music video, the upbeat rhythms of ‘Let It Go’ should set the tone of the summer we’re after this year, one of fun and a return to our carefree days.

Kel Sykes Releases Latest Single, ‘Ride (To the End)’

Describing himself as, “Just a songwriter trying to navigate through the lanes of the musical highway”, Kel Sykes explores the early stages of a new love, in his latest single, ‘Ride (To The End)’, which is set for release on March 25.

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