L-R: Gianni Oddi, Giorgio Carnini, Bruno Battisti D’Amario at the Morricone Segreto reunion Credit: Gianni Cipriano

HANS ZIMMER Leads Tributes To Ennio Morricone On Birthday

To commemorate what would have been Ennio Morricone’s 92nd birthday, his closest collaborators have reunited for the first time in years at his studio in Rome. The five celebrated musicians, who worked alongside the composer on some of his most iconic scores, shared memories and stories about him and reminisced about his glittering career, spanning more than six decades. A new mini-documentary, ‘Celebrating Ennio Morricone: The Secrets Behind His Genius’, encapsulating the extraordinary occasion, premieres on YouTube at 2pm GMT.

The Killers Release New ‘Watch This’ Video Of ‘Mr. Brightside’ With Vevo

Vevo announces the premiere of ‘Watch This’, featuring The Killers and their music video for ‘Mr. Brightside’. ‘Watch This’ brings a camera to the “comments” section of a music video. This episode will act as a forum for inside-scoop commentary from The Killers themselves as they look back at their music video, giving a first-hand interpretation on everything from inspiration to impact.