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There’s a lot of music out there – good music. At Essentially Pop our remit is that we cover music that deserves to be heard, with a particular focus on independent artists. That doesn’t mean we won’t cover your old favourites – rather we hope to give you some new favourites as well.

We’re also writing about films now, with the same focus on independent films, just like we focus on independent artists.

From August 1 we will no longer be accepting unpaid PR agency work. We believe the creative arts have value, and this includes writing. As always, we will write about artists who contact us – or who we contact – for free – but we can no longer work free of charge for PR agencies. We work hard, we put in a lot of hours writing, and we ask that you respect that. Contact us for our very reasonable rates.

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I’m Lisa.  I live in London. 

When I was growing up I always wanted to be either an artist or a writer.  I’m lucky to say that I’ve managed to achieve both these dreams.

I’ve been writing for over 20 years, starting as the entertainment editor on my university newspaper. In the more recent past I’ve written for such internet mags as PopwrappedMaximum Pop, and Celebmix.  Nowadays, in addition to writing for and editing Essentially Pop, I also write video reviews for ListenOnRepeat.

I’ve always loved music, with my special interests being Bowie, classic rock, 80s Brit-pop, Eurovision and modern pop.  I have  a special fondness for Jedward, and have been a fan since 2011.  My pet peeve is knowing there’s good music out there that doesn’t get heard on the radio, and this is why I’m part of Essentially Pop.


I’m Juliet, I’m married with one daughter, a dog and a cat. I grew up in East London, but currently reside in Hertfordshire.

Having spent my formative years in the Mod scene, I have a lot of love for the 60’s  .. and the music of the Mod Father, Mr Paul Weller.

I have always loved to write and began training to be a journalist, before ill health caused me to put my life on hold.

Two kidney transplants later, I still enjoy all kinds of writing, including poetry, and have had several poems published in various magazines and anthologies.  I like needle craft, I’m big on animal rights and I love discovering brilliant new artists that the main stream media may have overlooked.

Last, but by no means least, I have a lot of love for two very talented Irish twins, you may know them as Jedward :)


I’m Steve. I have been interested in music all of my life and my eclectic music taste reflects that. My first real memories of music are being played my Dad’s country LPs (he was a big Frankie Laine and Marty Robbins fan) and my Mum’s extensive Elvis collection. Since then I’ve branched out in every direction. I love going to live music and I don’t think there’s anything as exciting as new music and discovering new musicians. I’m 50 and new music keeps me young. I live at home in Kent with my wife of 25 years and best friend Tiffany and my 3 sons; Richard, Max and Teddy. Richard is a 20 year old top class young cyclist, Max is a 17 year old student and aspiring musician who will play his first Festival this year and Teddy is 7 going on 17. I like to get to a gig a week and enjoy writing about them for you.

Matt Catchpole

My name is Matt. 

I’m a journalist, music fan and downright dreadful guitarist! You can find me on twitter at @matcatch


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