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Dublin Trio Dreaming Of Jupiter Release ‘Beyond A Vibe’ – Single Out Now

Dublin’s hottest singing trio Dreaming Of Jupiter, released their new single, ‘Beyond A Vibe’, on Friday 27th March.

‘Beyond A Vibe’ is filled with passion, harmony and love, while stylistically it’s a blend of electronic music, funk and RnB.

We took the opportunity to speak to the Dreaming Of Jupiter and talk about the history of the band, as well as gain some insight into their latest song.

Who are Dreaming Of Jupiter?

The members of Dreaming of Jupiter are Zoe Gough, David Levins, and Samuel Oyeniyi.

Where did the band originate?

Zoe and Dave are born in Ireland. Samuel is born in Nigeria and we are currently based in Dublin Ireland.

Why did you choose the name Dreaming of Jupiter?

The name came from lots of nights of watching a space documentary. After a while when we decided we going to be starting a band, it just clicked.

What are the musical influences of the band?

Our influences come from Alt-Pop, Soul and Ambient/Cinematic music. We are big fans of groove-based music, but also very interested in textures, tones and creating interesting sonic palettes.

We listen to anything from Little Dragon, John Bellion, and Kate Bush to darker textured stuff like FKA Twigs, and Massive Attack, to Nao, The Internet, to Bonobo, Submotion Orchestra, Tycho and loads more.

The new release of Beyond A Vibe, could you describe to me what is the history and meaning behind the song?

‘Beyond A Vibe’, the band’s upcoming first single of the year creatively captures the anticipation and excitement that arises when moving into a new decade. New sounds, new feelings and new VIBES! ‘Beyond A Vibe’ beautifully blends the intricacies of pop hits with the delicate details of truly artistic songwriting to find a balance rarely heard in modern music.

Are you working on a new album yet and if so when will we be expecting a new album?

At the moment, we just creating music as much as we can, we will keep releasing songs and we hope at some point we will be creating an album.

You can find Dreaming Of Jupiter online on their official website, Facebook, and Instagram. Stream and download their music on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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