Born and raised on the east coast of Central Florida, SonicFluxx began performing at a young age. From various high school performances to cabaret performances at local nightclubs to charity events, SonicFluxx has always been interested with music, theatrics, and the art of performance.

“To say that my music is one-noted, or is one specific genre of music, it’s not. Music is about how you feel. That is why I named myself ‘SonicFluxx’, because it literally translates to ‘the constant change of sound'”.

Sonic Fluxx has released ‘Nothing Will Ever Be The Same’. The song has currently won Best Newcomer song on the LGBTQ Music Charts and debuted on those charts at NUMBER 2 SLOT, beating out Madonna, Adam Lambert and many other great artists.

The song has a special meaning to Sonic Fluxx’s personal life. Taken from his website bio,

“In 2014 after being diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, SonicFluxx began to channel his thoughts, feelings and emotions into music and songwriting.”

When listening to the song, you can hear Sonic’s powerful voice, and he puts so much emotion and thoughts into his vocals. It’s quite beautiful, allowing the listener to really resonate with him. The lyrics are also very powerful, and those who have also experienced depression and anxiety may be able to relate to the lyrics on a personal level. The lyric, “But I gotta have something to believe in” is very powerful, and showcases his emotions and deepness into a situation with his songwriting and him reflecting. It’s not hard to see why this song won best newcomer song on the LGBTQ charts as people who are LGBTQ may be able to resonate with this song about not being accepted.

Check ‘Nothing Will Ever Be The Same’:

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