The internet has forever changed the music industry. This is common knowledge to artists who’ve utilised effective digital technologies such as file sharing and digital marketing via an endless number of digital platforms.

Here are some platforms to start uploading your music to:


The likes of Justin Bieber found their fame from Youtube as youtube is such a successful platform to upload on. You can organise your playlists, any music videos or any shows you have done.


This has such a big reach in the music world and it has a worldwide audience. Almost every artist has a Spotify profile.

BBC Music Introducing

You can upload your music here as they are big supporters of unsigned singers/bands and BBC is a big deal!


A very popular platform to upload music onto. Such a big community for people in the music industry and another way to get your music out there.

Your Own Website

Create your own website and start promoting your music video/music to your own website and start to promote on your own website.

Music Blogs

Find relevant music blogs who will promote your music. Comment your music on a blog to be able to get a new audience that fits you and your music.

These are just a few of the platforms you can upload your music to – let us know what you use!

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