RUMI Releases Her Second Single, ‘Come Down’

Following up her exciting debut single, Irish Electro/Pop/Alternative artist Julianne Murray AKA RUMI is set to creep into our minds once again, this time with sensational new track ‘Come Down’.

Transcending a need to be categorised as one genre or for comparison to be drawn to similar artists, RUMI is in a league of her own here as she produces a refined, elegant, dark-synth minimal track, revealing a period of life in which she was lost.

Albeit with only a small repertoire behind her, RUMI has a distinguished, confident sound, a sound easy to get lost in. Whether you find solace in the honest vocals or sanctuary in the swirling synthesizers, the track lifts you up and away to another planet, wanting more. To label this tune atmospheric would be to sell it short, if the night sky could sing, it would sound like this.

One of the biggest joys when listening to this track comes from the discovery of a new sound or layer on each play through, adding yet more excitement and emotion to an already immense track, one that will remain a staple in a surely fruitful career for RUMI.

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