Singer Songwriter ND Releases Latest Album, ‘At First Sight’

Set for release this Saturday 14 September, soul singer NDs new album, ‘At First Sight‘ is a compendium of emotionally charged tracks, which take their inspiration from love, and all its ups and downs. Lead single, ‘This Is Love’, was released on August 2.

‘At First Sight’ leaves the listener in no confusion as to what the album is about, right from the title onwards. It’s a perfect showcase of NDs innate writing talent, and captures the beauty of love in all its guises, reminding us of the importance of cherishing it.

ND takes his musical inspiration from the likes of Backstreet Boys, Asa, and Ed Sheeran, but most notably the power of his songs comes from his deep and personal relationship with God, and the love he shares with his family.

‘At First Sight’ will be available to stream and download from all major digital media services from 14 September. You can find out more about ND online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and listen to more of his music on SoundCloud.

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